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Getting help from the fire service being deaf.

bevt2017 Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
Hi everyone! 

Just wanted to share this.

I was browsing online, when I came across a safey advert. The advert was about the fire brigade supporting deaf people. They were letting people know, about the "flashing light fire alarm". 
I've always worried about my safety, as i can't hear the fire alarm going off.
When I emailed them about the device, they replied that same day.
They also contacted my local fire service and arranged a day they could come down to see me.

Today a lovely lady from the fire service came down and not only did she check my smoke alarms, she also did a safey check of my home.

One of the safey issues I had was my plug ins. I never thought that they could cause so much damage? When she took them out to show me they were already smoking. She said only use for an hour then turn them off (so decided I won't be using them again).

Anyway not only did she give me the flashing light fire alarm, she also gave me a small device that vibrates when the fire alarm goes off, which I put under my pillow while I sleep.

I didn't know if people were aware of this service so wanted to share.



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