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Feeling depressed

Sholay09 Member Posts: 94 Courageous
Hello I am suffering from depression still because of younger adults like myself being treated as children in which they should not be as they are now old enough to do what they want and because they deserve to be treated as adults like be able to move on to adult services because I believe that rather than extend all of the youth or child and adolescent services up to age 25 in which I don't want that to happen now because at age 18 we are adults now and still should be able to move on to adult services without it being so scary for anyone anymore or for it to be more smooth as I want people to come up with some more better ideas as I really want to be listened to and for my voice to finally be heard because it makes me feel very depressed, suicidal and angry when nobody seems to agree or listen to anything that I say in which they should do. Also I am still affected by my grandmother's death that occurred last year. I am 20 and I have written a letter to my MP about my worries and concerns.



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