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I don't fit into this linear world Square Peg into a round hole🙁

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Where do I begin lol? I qualified as an Adult nurse in Jan 2007 which was in itself EXTREMELY tough going but even from a child, it's all I ever wanted to be. 

I was about 5 years into my practice, as a peritoneal dialysis nurse when it became evident that there were issues with my work.  So much so that I was started on the disciplinary route.  Fortunately, I was at the Royal College of Nursing union they noticed immediately I had some sort of learning disability which was hindering my nursing I was referred to a specialist for ADHD and eventually received my diagnosis of ADHD and Dyspraxia. 

I was then after being placed on the redeployment register downgraded to a band two filing clerk which nearly destroyed me.

Since then I've only been able to take a part-time job due to my elderly parents becoming less independent.  Unfortunately, due to stress etc, I became ill with diverticulitis and as I was still in my probation period I was dismissed.

I have been on various benefits since then JSA, ESA and now carers allowance and have recently just applied for income support.

I REALLY DISLIKE BEING ON BENEFITS but due to my past working ethics, I cannot first take another disciplinary and I am also unable to write or apply for jobs as my confidence is in my boots.

I am also unable to look after my parents as their conditions have worsened so I really need to come off carers allowance and income support. However, if I go to JSA I have to look for work at last 3 hours a day which I cannot do or ESA and have to attend a health assessment, again this is dreadfully stressful for me as I have in the past applied for PIP or as it was then DLA it went to panel and there was supposed to be an advocate who had challenged the decision from the beginning and said it was an easy case and they need to go with me?

Well, the Panel ripped me to pieces. On the panel was a GP, whose opening statement was" ADHD that's a childhood condition you should have grown out of that by now surely.

This line of questioning continued from each person in the panel including a retired judge, social services GP and two representatives from the DWP one of which was a dreadful woman who scowled and made me feel insignificant from the beginning. My application was declined.

I need some help now please as I cannot go through another panel so I can't and won't apply to For PIP, all I want to do is work and get on with my life, I'm 46 Now so this time around job wise has to be the right choice and I'm scared if I make the wrong choice I'll end up back on benefits and depressed.

Please though don't give me website address or phone me off with various agencies as NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW! I just need someone to give me a hand as I have great skills but nowhere to use them.


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  • feir
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    Even years ago i knew that people get diagnosed with ADHD as adults as it was overlooked as a child, they still had the condition though. Don't let his ignorance and bias upset you, i know it's hard not to but it's his flaw and not yours.

    I've honestly no idea where you get help. People are gonna employ those who they think will benefit their businesses and themselves the most. And those who need financial incentives to employ anyone don't even care about their staff either.

    I think it's time action is taken against the people who see fit to judge our lives and are just doing what they feel like based on their judgments.

  • Donisha_Scope
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    Hi @N1ck,

    Welcome to the online community.

    I am sorry to hear about the treatment you received from the panel. 
    It sounds like you have many great skills and experience to bring to the workplace.

    Scope's Support to Work service may be of benefit to you as it offers 12 weeks of digital employment support.

    Our advisers can assist you with confidence building, CV and cover letter support, guidance with application forms as well as a tailored action plan.

    If you would like more information, you could contact us on 0300 222 5742  or can fill out a referral form on www.scope.org.uk/support-to-work‎. 

    In regards to your parents health and care, have you considered contacting social services? They may be able to assist you finding the right services to assist your parents. 

    If you would like information on the support social services provide, you can visit the website below.


    Kind regards,

    Scope Employment Advisor
    Phone: 0300 222 5742
    Email: [email protected]
  • N1ck
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    Still no further forward🤐 
  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @N1ck, I'm sorry to hear that. Did you contact the Support to Work programme as @Donisha_scope suggested?
  • newborn
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    You were so determined to nurse that you managed to get your qualifications despite extraordinary difficulties.     That was like finishing the marathon despite having your ankles tied together.

    How on earth can you ever forget that amazing  achievement?   Therefore, how can you, of all people, have low esteem?

    The quality desperately  in short supply, is people motivated to do nursing duties.  In your case, the  job needs to be adapted to suit your abilities.    Can you, for example, manage better with practical tasks of care, instead of things needing a lot of paperwork? (If so, why did they take you off the ward and into an office?)

    If you still want to nurse, could you be a paid carer, at least  part time ? There will be people who need you, if you can.

    Please  update us. Did you take the advice for yourself?   And for your parents? .
  • Chloe_Scope
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    Hi @N1ck, how are you today?

  • newborn
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    By the way, a lot of people with digestive problems might try F O D M A P, 


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