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Sallycg PIP and how disabled people are treated in the process

Sallycg Member Posts: 11 Connected
I have posted on the site a few times to try to find out if anyone is protesting about the disgraceful way PIP is administered and how many people have been turned down even though their disability is obvious. I recently went through the process and ended in a tribunal which I won with my husband's help. I would imagine that a lot of people are not able to navigate this process and I am infuriated about the whole thing. I have written to my local MP and got nowhere with him. Is there anyone out there that feels as I do?


  • feir
    feir Member Posts: 395 Pioneering
    edited May 2018
    I'm applying for the 3rd time, i'm not even as bad as when i applied the other two times (and was rejected) but feel like i probably will get enough points for at least the lowest rate. The reason why i feel this is because i wasn't able to even finish my first claim as i was in too much pain to, even got admitted to hospital well after that claim and decided then was the time to try to put in another claim as i came out of hospital fairly pain free (thanks to most of my painful areas going numb and useless as well as the meds they gave me helping) and was aware of how bad things had got. But i couldn't really sort this claim out because i was in pain still (meds only lasted a few days and the pain came back in the numb areas, so of course by the time your forms come your condition can have changed)) and my mental health was declining also. But i was honest on the form and managed to get that filled in and sent it off and even with this rubbish claim i should have got enough points for the higher rate, even so they lied about some things, i got 0 points for everything anyway because they 'don't count' certain things as proof of disability.

    I feel really able to cope now mentally, and thanks to unintentional help via this forums i am confident i have got my stuff together and my claim will go well. And if it doesn't i am more than able to go to a tribunal (and i am gonna try to do that for my other two claims).

    It's definitely hard to navigate if you are unable to do so because there's no automatic help process, you have to seek it out for yourself. Their criteria for claiming an independence payment is strange also as it only goes on about dependency and i don't get how independence fits into that? Also you're up against people who are happy to lie so that you fail, or the people assessing your claim are happy to go off their own opinions instead of facts, these are big problems.
  • Waylay
    Waylay Member Posts: 971 Pioneering
    So many people have this experience @Sallycg . You're not alone!
  • wedgehog
    wedgehog Member Posts: 15 Listener
    Hi Sally, Just about everyone I would think. I am absolutely livid about the criminals treatment of the disabled just to make more profit > I have just joined this community as I had an assessment last week which was appalling, but I will do a separate post about that. One thing you could do is sign the petitions at  if enough people sign then they have to discuss it in the house.
  • Sallycg
    Sallycg Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Hi. I tried to sign that petition recently but I could not find the right one anywhere. Can you let me know how to find it?
  • feir
    feir Member Posts: 395 Pioneering
    I think you just sign the ones you want to @Sallycg

    Shame these were all rejected as i'd have signed them;

    Sack the government with immediate effect.

    Make ALL DWP Decision makers and assessors responsible for their decisions.

    The assessment process used by the DWP for ESA and PIP is not fit for purpose.

    Won't bother copy and pasting them all but most of the rejected ones seem the most useful.


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