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Problems I am facing

disabledkenny1 Member Posts: 45 Connected
edited June 2018 in Cerebral palsy
Hi friends how are you all tonight I was OK till I tried going to bed & loads of pain stepped in & could not get comfortable so had to get up again looks like another sleepless night, I will be better when I finally get to the pain clinic as been 4 months waiting for 8 appointments the NHS is rubbish, considering used to be best health service in the world, now it is failing thanks to our awful government trying to privatise it all which cost more then employing staff & running it all them selves!
I have Spondylitis of upper & lower spine,  Post-traumatic fibromyalgia syndrome, 3 types of Osteoarthritis,
 2 damaged vertebra, Stroke related condition, Super Ventricular Tachycardia,  Asthma, Overactive Thyroid, Irritable bowel disorder, Severe depression disorder, water retention of feet & legs & a few more, I take 20 types of meds.
I spoke an hour on the telephone today she’s increased some medication and told me to chase up pain clinic sorting out a district nurse to do blood tests & asthma check up & arranging for an ambulance next week for a X-Ray on my chest, as have a Super Ventricular Tachycardia condition - fast heart rate causing palpitations, chest pains, seizures, dizziness, confusion & fatigue, if I have another seizure need to phone for an ambulance, I lost my appetite so losing weight I think the medication has stopped working.



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