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Hello everybody hope you are OK been a few people on the forum besides my self giving recipes to do.  Grateful to them. These are ones I do that when am not too good and need to make something.

Yes these are cheats and no apology from me because I have days . All of us do need some thing simple to do.


You will need a blender or food processor

One stockpot
Olive oil or any oil
Chicken thighs or Turkey thighs diced option
Red Pesto chilli one 1teaspoon
Red Roasted Peppers from a jar two
Passata carton

1.  Red pesto, Red Roasted Peppers, Passata all to blender blitz
2. Chicken thighs to stockpot seal remove add above sauce simmer.

3. Add back Chicken cover till cooked through check ten minutes.  Sharp knife to skin clear juices cooked.  Or touch point knife to lips if hot cooked through.

4. Serve with any tinned Pulse drain add in towards end.


You will need Stockpot, Pyrex dish for pasta, Boiling water to cover pasta.  Use short shapes Penne or Fusilli whole wheat or grain.

One pack Soya Mince  I buy Supermarket own brand OK
Jar of Pasta sauce
Vegetables use Carrots, Mushrooms ,Zucchini sliced up or buy pre sliced in supermarket.

1. Add veg to stockpot oil seal colour add Soya Mince plus Jar sauce cover and simmer.

2. Boiling kettle to Pasta with touch of salt into Pyrex dish microwave few minutes easier than big pans.

3. Careful remove Pyrex dish from microwave and add Pasta to stockpot with slotted spoon.

4. Simmer for ten minutes check and adjust timings.

5. Instead of Soya Mince use Chipolatas sausages remove from skins and crumble in. Add Fennel seeds half teaspoon.

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