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Lower back pain

emmylou Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited June 2018 in Cerebral palsy
Hi I am 40 have cerebral palsy it affects my right side  I having regaulr BOTOX injections in my arm and shoulder I am also waiting on steroid injection for bursties in hip for the last few weeks I been having really bad pain in lower it's waking me up in the night not sure if it's connected to the hip yhsnks


  • Richard_Scope
    Richard_Scope Posts: 3,178 Scope online community team
    Hi @emmylou
    Thanks for your post and welcome to our community! 
    I'm sorry to read that you are in discomfort.I'm not able to speculate as to whether the lower back pain is linked to your hip issue. I would recommend that you talk to your G.P. and explain what you are experiencing.

    Stay in touch.
    Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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  • Markinsutton
    Markinsutton Member Posts: 83 Pioneering

    I have left side weakness and have lower back pain. I went and saw my GP he sent me for an MRI and said that I have a damaged disc which my CP is likely not to helped. 
  • SHARONAnne
    SHARONAnne Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I( have Cp and had to have a replacement hip for seven years. Doctor put my pain down to Cp until my hip gave up!!. Get an xray!! . Also have lower back pain due to hip aliment. 
  • emmylou
    emmylou Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thanks all going to get appointment with my gp x 
  • niceboots
    niceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    I’m in my early 30s and have suffered from back pain on and off for years particularly since my mobility got worse in my mid 20s, one thing that’s really helped is hydrotherapy, also going to the gym, as it keeps my body more balanced and my posture has improved.


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