Living with a learning disability

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Do you have a learning disability?

A journalist at the Metro is preparing a feature on Learning Disability Week next week.  She wondered if anyone would like to speak to her about what it’s like living with a learning disability.

If so, please email


  • Kellans38
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    Hi wouldn't mind speaking about what my life been like living with learning disabilities and how it's been hard 4 many of years with three children what have disability with learning and still not having it gd and my kids r now grown up and one has mental health issues and I fighting different people trying 2 get a voice 4 her and had no choice last year it came to a point I had 2 beg them 2 give me rest bite with me having heart attack and died I have  so much more of what am still trying to get a voice but can't and it not right when I no if I could get what happening stop as it's hard when it's not done in write and I no what happening is wrong and and 2 do what doing 2 me and my family is really makes me so upset because I try ed everything 2 get a voice and never onces been listen 2 wouldn't be happening oh happened if I could get my voice put that why so much has and is happening 2 me because I can't get it stop but years of trying and getting it from very one in local authorities that u think r here 2 help and support and keep us safe but not in my case it's not been hurts me because of what happened and still is how anyone could put someone through what I have and and my kids through it feels like I done something wrong 4 all this that happened and is all I wanted 2 get help not 2 get things done 2 me and my kids life been he'll 4 many of years and bad things gone on and happened  done no why seem because I have learning disabilities and can't put it down on paper it's going on