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What are your experiences of finding suitable clothing?

Lasian_Alumni Member Posts: 659 Pioneering

What we wear can have a big impact on how we feel - whether that's due to comfort, functionality, or how we think it looks. However, it can sometimes be hard to find clothing that suits both your fashion sense and what you need.

So we want to know what you have experienced when finding things to wear. Do you have to make adaptions to your clothing? What are your good or bad experiences with fashion?

We would love to hear your tips for shopping, getting clothes that work for you, and about anything else you have experienced with fashion!


  • Rebs
    Rebs Member Posts: 5 Connected
    Its a nightmare for me when i go Clothes shopping, Iam 4ft 9incs  and most things I buy have to be altered which costs more money i cant fasten buttons so everything i wear has to be elasticated or have to ask for help then that takes away my independence. I also have problems with shoes i cant get them broad enough A tip i learned about that is if its everyday shoes like trainers or boots because am only a size 2 i get it from the boys range because they tend to be broader. 
  • Fluffybunny1
    Fluffybunny1 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi rebs I know what u mean unfortunately I have the opposite problem I'm 6ft 4 n I have real problems trying to find trousers and jeans long enough it's a total nightmare I also have very large feet n can't get mens or womens shoes to fit (I'm female) I really hate shopping. Just a suggestion but have u tried wonder web for alterations to trousers and things it's a sticky bonding web that u can use to take trousers up you just get a pair of trousers that are too long take the legs fold them over to the length you want then cut about an inch below the required length the just fold the material over to the right length put the bonding web around the leg of the trousers under the fold then just iron over. This must be done with the trousers inside out otherwise the fold line will b on the wrong side. Don't kno if this helps might save u some money on expenses alterations tho. Also to help u with doing buttons there is a little gadget called a button puller that u can get from most mobility shops or care shops or try typing in gadgets to help with buttons on the web and see what you can find. PS don't feel disheartened about asking for help with things because no-one can do everything whether disabled or not everyone needs a little help sometimes. Hope your successful in your search n hope you find my advice helpful 

  • Fluffybunny1
    Fluffybunny1 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Fluffy bunny 
  • Topkitten
    Topkitten Member Posts: 1,285 Pioneering
    @Fluffybunny1, a lady of 6 foot 4? I can imagine you must have many problems with clothing and makes my problems seem trivial, lol!

    Personally I don't follow fashion, I wear what suits me the best. An example would be hats. As my hair is so thin and covers less than half my head I tend to keep it very short (number 1 cut). This means I must wear a hat when the sun is shining so I wear one all the time. I used to wear caps when most men would not but now that a lot of men do I won't any more. Instead I wear either a Trilby or a Fedora. The same applies to all my clothes and I have recently updated my wardrobe going very 40's or 50's wherever possible. I did go back to wearing proper shirts again but I forgot that means ironing them (which I cannot do) so now I just have a large pile of shirts not ironed and only 2 very old shirts which do not need ironing. I also needed new trousers as my waist has gradually shrunk from 48 inches to 36 inches. This size change is simply due to not eating properly, in fact I am still shrinking and needed to punch new holes in my new belts as I am down to 34 inches and the trousers are already badly fitting. Now, having spent a fair amount on new clothes they simply hang in the wardrobe (or sit on the non-ironed pile) as I cannot really go out at all. Ofc, due to the change in health my MH has suffered badly and I don't bother to either keep clean or dress, just lounge in front of the TV in a dressing gown. I rarely even draw the curtains.

    Sorry, I think I have wandered off the subject.

    Most of the time the clothes I buy come from charity shops, I only spent more money on nice clothes because my mum died and left me some money so I treated myself. I did find though that it was difficult to manage to find what I needed as I needed to use a mobility scooter and using changing rooms forced me to walk much more than I should have plus trying things on was also difficult, even in disabled ones, often having to wait for the disabled changers due to people using hem when they didn't need to but were being selfish as it made it easier for them with more space. Now that I cannot really walk at all I could not do what I did to get the items as changing areas for the disabled are calculated for wheelchair use and not for scooter use.

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  • puppy2005
    puppy2005 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    I’m 4ft 9 also it’s a right **** to get stuff to fit size 14 bottom and 18 to 20 top would love to wear dresses but two odd sizes 
  • Rebs
    Rebs Member Posts: 5 Connected
    Fluffy Bunny1 Thank you for the advice  I will give the wonder web ago although i might need some help with it, also i know the button gadget you mean i had one years ago i will have a rummage to find it.
    Puppy2005  I have the same problems with dresses  my top and bottom halve are two different sizes its so annoying.  Top kitten i can relate to the issues with changing rooms as well i just buy the clothing and take it home to try on much easier , and if they do not fit i will just take them back.


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