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If you suspect a relative has an eating disorder

whistleswhistles Member Posts: 1,590 Disability Gamechanger
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An eating disorder. How can you support them? 
All I am managing to do is suggest they see their gp, they haven't done that. This is two years on.

So what else can you do?
They don't think anything is wrong medically, but they are really fussy about eating, things upset their stomach, they have already eaten lunch etc.

Being in their 70's is it normal to be fussy, eat tiny amounts? Not want to be over xx dress size if shopping. 

Thanks for replies.
Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.


  • atlas46atlas46 Member Posts: 827 Pioneering

    There is nothing that you can do.  It is the relative's choice, to decide if she has a health problem or not.

    A clinician would not act on your say so.

    The only way they would act, is if you hold an lasting power of Attourney recorded with the Court of Protection, for health and welfare.

    You could try having a word with their immediate relatives.
  • whistleswhistles Member Posts: 1,590 Disability Gamechanger
    Which is me.
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • atlas46atlas46 Member Posts: 827 Pioneering
    I would keep on at them, to go and have a check up with GP.
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @whistles, BEAT have some comprehensive advice online which may be worth taking a look at, and a helpline too- it might be best to talk to a specialist about this. 
  • starchildstarchild Member Posts: 14 Connected
    @whistles i have had an active Ed and still do im nearly 50 im glad that you are keeping an eye on tbis  @Pippa_Scope has mentioned Beat have saved many lives I have never used them yet  you can make a full recovery mine has been acti e for over 25 yrs now recovery is extremely difficult on a mental and physical level it is a personal choice .THERE is a peroson i listen to alot Tabatha farrah maybe out of i terest  you can take a look she recovered herself as got to tired from it all .Certain behaaviours  occur from simply too little food  and lnce into that the mind and gut  change   i have learnt alot about My own Ed from her  good luck lx 
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