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Let down by social care

Kellans38 Community member Posts: 10 Listener
edited October 2021 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hi have learning disability  and I have been badly  damaged with years of professional askin 4 help been seen from different  people  saying I need things never ones have I had help from them and professional  service asking 4 me 2 be referred  

I been let down  never had assessment like they was ask and it's 2 a point I oh ready lost my life ones with heart attack  alone with everything  else my things from my  home with being left there at risk and my girl if I could  just get help I have always asked 4 instead of people  not doing anything  I wouldn't  of been through  what I have  my kids have not had it easy  because  I never once got my voice  heard seen 2006 and now 2 go through  he'll 4 this long when it's clear to learning disability  team I have problems  and let me fight against  everyone and still now not getting  it

I have had social care put me through  so much I have never had things done that with ever referral that has been made ever year I been knock  back from some but when they came again years later still didn't bother assessments on my needs around 2011 few weeks  she stayed didn't do anything  like doctors asked care plan was ment tof be done 4 when I was ill with my back  and been again 4community LD team once again not doing anything I don't no how they can not help someone after  its clear on paper work  from other people I have learning disability  and health  need and care plan in place what only 10 hours but can't help with what I have  got so much  going on years of  advocacy   and there is so much  that I have  been through  and years of 13 14 15 with advocacy  and asking for  things to be done on matters and not 2 be and 2018 and lost everything  because of not been helped I no if I wasn't  someone that could do it with out being help and didn't disability  but 2 have so much that going on and stI'll no help I die and I have  more health problems  but still not getting  the help makes me sick

how I can have so many  people involved  over the years and not do anything  to get the support  I need and three kids but my lads r older they have learning  disabilities  and all I have asked 4 was help and never got it apart from stress with me begging 2 get help and support  me and help my family  but didn't care and my girl still not getting  help oh she still at risk I have  done everything  2 get people to help mental health  issues  and there left me years fighting them and 2 late damge 2 her done because of them leaving it years and didn't go to court till she was 15 last year that was because  of her putting  her self at risk all the time  but the harm that happened to her because of  being let down ever Local authorities have done something  to hard me and my family  and that because they get away with  it and to me if they can do this 2 a family  4 this long and do what they have to my family  then I really don't  get how they sleep at night  because  I can a sure what I have had done to meveryone and my family don't think  people  would belive it shock a lot of people  just like  it does my support  workers but they seem to get no where when they try help me

so what change I will have now in getting  a voice  will never happen  and help will not get done not after years of pefessoal been involved and still no closer  that after been rush in hospital 4 weeks and dieing and fighting  in ICU still no help 4 me and my girl apart from left at harm and risk 4 year and treatetd like enough  after my girl fighting 4 her life as well and she now 16 just and still not safe and risk that in care beaten raped by different  men think  it's OK 2 do thi's to kids tho but she now  the case she things it's fine 4 men to get her drug's and drunk and that not OK but I can't do anything  not like I have reported  everything  my girl does and has done but that all I can do when I can't do it on letters and other things when things have been just never bothered  in sorting oh doing a thing  about and that because  they can treat people  like this when they can't get the right help support  to get a voice


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Kellans38, thank you for sharing this with us.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences and what you and your family have been through. Given the situation, I wonder if it might be best for you to give Scope's helpline team a call and explain your circumstances to them, to see if they can assist? You can contact them for free at 0808 800 3333 or find other methods of contact here. Wishing you all the best.


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