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P.I P. refusal

icewarrior Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited June 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi everybody this is my first post.
i applied for pip in March 2018 and a few weeks later i had my f2f with a assessor who was a nurse from Atos who knew nothing about my autism aspie.
seeing the assessor was a complete waste of time and space because she is untrained for people like me.
on Friday June 15th 2018 i got the dreaded brown DWP decision envelope and it does not come as a surprise and it does not come as a shock about the P.I.P result from what i have read up about so many P.I.P horror stories.
only to be expected.
i will share a page or so of my result with you [removed by moderator] and show you what a complete fob off.
i score 2 points in the care element and 4 points in the mobility element complete joke.
they may as well not have bothered with giving me little points.
im in the process of appealing.
CAB will help me appeal and appeal on my behalf.
CAB helped me fill in the 40 page headache form and it was a headache.
like many thousands im trapped in a revolving door.
the decision letter complete tosh and i mean tosh.


  • grandma57
    grandma57 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi, pip is just another word for stress! When you appeal keep every scrap of paper to prove your condition, even names on scraps of paper that you r doodling in while listening to the 'hold' music,also may help to get a letter from your gp or practice nurse explaining your condition. These people who do f2f must have a limit on how many people can get pip, probably on a bonus for the fails.  BBeing disabled is bad enough without going threw this.Hope you get sorted
  • icewarrior
    icewarrior Member Posts: 2 Listener
    big cheers for your kind words.i am gathering all the evidence including my doctors note to get this so stupid decision.of course the PIP people have a target to dismiss as many people as they can so they save the government money.i was on DLA for 24 years.i have never been refused a benefit until now and until now i have never had to appeal against a decision.
  • markyboy
    markyboy Member Posts: 367 Pioneering
    I have been thr'o 2 tribunals and PIP is not all about your conditions and medical evidence it's all about how your condition affects you in carrying out the descriptors of the PIP criteria and the assessors get this information by asking you about your ability to carry out the descriptors so they are not medical people and do not need to know about conditions 
    i am afraid DLA is totally different than PIP that is why the government introduced this benefit to save money and those who want to appeal have to wait so long to get a hearing by the time you get your day in court you have forgotten what you were appealing against .
    My last appeal took 18 months from the date i appealed till the tribunal decision.


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