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I need some advice about my hearing

mrsGv Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited June 2018 in Sensory impairments
hi all. 
As a child I had glue ear, i then had grommets and a multitude of hearing tests. 
My last proper hearing tests were as a teen but as I’m getting older (now 34) I feel my hearing is getting worse. 
I think I have APD as my hearing is worse when in a noisy environment. If background noise is loud especially lots of voices talking I then struggle to hear one single voice talking to me. 
Its starting to really upset me as I feel it’s getting worse but I’m not sure how going to the doctors can help? 

Do you know if there are better ways to get tested again and then go from there? 
Appreciate any help x


  • Jazzguitar
    Jazzguitar Community member Posts: 180 Courageous
    See your GP. Get a referral to the ENT Department. Neville Pearson
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @mrsGv, and a warm welcome to the community!

    If you're unsure, I'd recommend visiting your GP regardless- even if they can't directly assist themselves, they're the best placed to refer you on to somebody who will be able to help. 

    I'm also tagging in @VickiKirwin in case there's any advice she can offer!
  • VickiKirwin
    VickiKirwin Community member Posts: 69 Courageous
    Hi @mrsGv

    As others have said above, the first step is to see your GP and ask for a referral for a hearing test. Difficulty with hearing in background noise can be caused by a hearing loss or APD so you'll need a hearing test first. If the test doesn't show a hearing loss then the audiologist may be able to arrange for you to have specific testing for APD or could refer you to another service where this is carried out (APD testing is not offered widely and you may have to travel some distance to a specialist centre if you wish to undergo that). Either way, an audiologist can give you further advice on strategies, techniques, and technologies that can help you to make listening easier for you in difficult listening environments, such as when there is lots of background noise.     

    All the best

  • bevt2017
    bevt2017 Community member Posts: 324 Pioneering
    Hi @mrsGv

    Welcome to the community!

    My advice is like everyone else, you need to be referred by your GP.

    Also (Action on hearing loss) and your local (deaf society) could also help you with support groups, and equipment for your home.

    I did have to pay £10 to register, but it would of cost me a lot of money for the equipment I use.

    Good luck 
    I wish you all the best
  • dolfrog
    dolfrog Community member Posts: 441 Pioneering
    Hi @mrsGv
    Auditory Processing Disorder is about the brain having problems processing what the ears hear.
    I was the first adult in the UK to be diagnosed as having APD back in 2003 at Sheffield University which was running the first NHS APD research program.
    There are 4 types of APD.
    As you have describes having problems identifying a target sound when there are low leves of background noise, some times called Speech in Noise, currently the only support option are FM systems.
    The temporal type of APD is about having problems processing the gaps between sounds, which can include the gaps between words in rapid speech, and is the main underlying cause of the developmental dyslexia symptom.
    Spatial APD ia about not being able to identify the location of a sound source.
    and Amblyaudia which about the brain processing what one ear hears better than the other ear. 
    I have a PubMed Auditory processing Disorder research paper collection you may find of some interest


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