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To begin.

aashworth81 Member Posts: 11 Listener

Hello, my name is Alex Ashworth. I am 37 years old and I live in Preston with my wife of 8 years. I suffer with two mental health conditions, schizophrenia and depression of which I take daily medication. My conditions are controlled by a sensible lifestyle, appropriate medication and a reduction of stress. If something goes wrong in my life my mental  health takes a temporary downward turn but I know the correct methods to get back on track. Recently my mum was diagnosed with MND which I have mentioned in a previous discussion. Surprisingly I have been ok about this as I love my mum and see beyond her disability. I work as a part time gardener in the Preston area and this aides my mental health as am giving something back to the community and restoring my mind as I work. I also spend a considerable amount of time writing blogs which gives me immeasurable peace of mind. I'd love to chat and connect with others who have a similar life.





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