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  Hi folks,

Just joined and will try to explain my journey,i have been on I/B since 1995 after a Tribunal awarded me I/B till my 65th birthday.I had a F/F in 2003 and never heard from them until 2013 to fill out the form that was done by Advice Works.Was moved into the income support group.Got the ESA50 in April 2018,filled in by my daughter,was told to go to a F/F on May 9th,asked for home visit that was refused,appointment cancelled to see my Doctor for a letter saying I wasn't fit to go.Doctor refused as she was told at a meeting that day with other Doctors and DWP that if a patient can get from the house to the Surgery they are fit to attend a F/F.My Doctor was sent the ESA113 as well sent away the day before I seen her,never disclosed what she ticked or wrote,i got admitted to hospital that day by her with a letter and a brief medical history,it was a Diabetic review I was there for.I opened the envelope and photocopied the 6 pages,what an insight to the problems never revealed to myself would go as far as saying she will now be getting an interrogation lol.Got another appointment for F/F which I struggled but got through it.Had phoned 3 times telling them I would need took right away due to my conditions and mental there and was taken right away with Security like flies round you know what.Was also told I would be seeing a Profesional HCP.Lady HCP took me and my carrer through and imo was very nice to me,she asked the usual ????? and I had a break down,i was only in 15/20 mins.After my break down she told me she was a Doctor and gave me all sorts of advice that my Doctor has never gave me,she also told me things would remain the same and I might get extra money.Igot my letter last week 3 weeks 2 days telling me I would stay in the support group but nothing extra.Phoned DWP yesterday and asked for a copy of the report,will be sent out,asked when they'll want to see me again or assessed and they said 3 years.I'm glad I seen a Doctor and not a nurse now.I am on DLA high for mobility and low carrer,can anyone tell me if this may have stopped me getting extra on ESA? sorry for the long post and wish you all the best.



  • AngMik22
    AngMik22 Member Posts: 2 Connected
    Any rate of dla should not stop you from getting  extra money. 

  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,438 Disability Gamechanger
    The Enhanced disability premium (EDP) is paid automatically when in the Support Group (income related only) This years rate is £16.40 per week (single) £23.55 (couples)

    To be eligible for the Income Related top up depends on circumstances. Do you live with a partner that works? If not then ring ESA and ask them to send you the ESA3 form to apply for the top.

    The severe disability premium, you wouldn't be eligible for that because you need mid/high rate care DLA and not low rate.


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