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Charity shops

[Deleted User]
[Deleted User] Posts: 43 Listener
Why are charity shop staff rude ? Yesterday I waited at the checkout waiting to be served, she saw me but wanted to carry on talking to her friends. I had to rustle the fiver for her to come over. 

Another shop refused my very good condition Bench leather jacket. Even though they wanted clothes, but the shop next door took it without any problems. They even put it in their shop window.   


  • valerieE
    valerieE Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Sounds like you’v had a couple of unfortunate experiences with charity [email protected]  I worked in one for years and have to say that it was a joy to work there.  Very often they have criteria on what they can accept as donations and each shop works individually.  Hope you have better experiences in the future, don’t give up.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 43 Listener
    I love rummaging in charity shops especially for old vinyl records. 
  • deb74
    deb74 Member Posts: 777 Pioneering
    hi andyjd. i used to work in a charity shop and i can assure you not all charity shop staff are rude!!! i have been in supermarkets where the staff are talking to each other instead of serving people. 
  • Topkitten
    Topkitten Member Posts: 1,285 Pioneering
    I think it depends on the person. Don't forget that apart from the manager and assistant manager most people are unpaid and give their time for free. I worked in a charity shop and it was well run by the manager but one young lad was always petulant with people and more so when the manager wasn't around leaving the assistant in charge.

    As for clothes.... basically they want spotlessly cleaned and in very good condition clothes although some items (such as underwear) are never accepted. The clothes we took in were examined and put into 2 piles. the larger one was for unsuitable clothes and they were sent off to be recycled and the rest added to the displays.

    As for the attitude of the staff, that generally stems from the manager of the shop and how they treat their staff.

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  • fishingmum
    fishingmum Member Posts: 562 Pioneering
    I was in a charity shop the other day, I found a top there being sold for £1 more than it cost to buy brand new from the original shop, when I pointed it out, I was told that is there price for it, fine I said I would buy it from the original sellers new costing less. I was shocked, it was more of the attitude that got me. Charity shops used to be that, sold for charity, now it seems it has to make more profit. very sad indeed.
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  • oldngrumpy
    oldngrumpy Member Posts: 176 Pioneering
    I watched a program about twenty years ago highlighting how much you could get from charity shops.
    I "cringed" at the thought of buying from a charity shop.
    So swallowed my pride one day and went into one.
    Then went into another one.
    Then another one.
    About two hours later I had spent about £50 In these shops.
    But I had a complete wardrobe of decent clothes.
    I been hooked ever since...
    Old n Grumpy


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