Physical impairments and mobility issues
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To the Idiot in Asda Today.

WarlordWarlord Member Posts: 3 Listener
First let me preface by saying I am a below knee amputee with other health problems that mean I'm unable to use a prosthetic so am wheelchair bound.
I live on a steep hill & nearly 2 years after my amputation I plucked up the courage to get a mobility scooter so I can gain some independence & get out the house by myself.
My mobility scooter is a class 3 road legal scooter & (after initial anxiety) I've been enjoying using it to go on little trips & to do a bit shopping in Asda. Until today I've had no problem, people are reasonably considerate & a smile always gets me by.

Today however, a rotund **** (not staff) loudly told me whilst I was shopping that I am not allowed to be in the shop because my scooter is road legal! I explained that he is wrong & that he is being discriminatory. He tried to say that because his wife is in a wheelchair that he can't be discriminatory and further insisted that I'm not allowed to be in the shop. His wife's power chair was TWICE as wide as my scooter.
I asked a member of staff in front of him who confirmed I was correct & allowed in store and he STILL loudly insisted he was right.
Now this may be inappropriate for the forum but at that point I just wanted to punch his teeth down his throat & lord knows what stopped me. I am not a militant disabled person but I am no pushover & can handle myself against any able bodied person. I just wanted to hurt him.
I got the manager involved & the rotund idiot STILL insisted he was right & the f*cking manager of the store was wrong but he soon made himself scarce like the COWARD he is.

The coward who humiliated me in Asda because he's an obnoxious arrogant rotund **** who needs to get his facts straight & wants to think himself lucky that he's not sleeping in a hospital bed tonight!

This is my life now I suppose.

Also, idiots in carparks telling me I don't look disabled because they can't see my missing leg behind the car dashboard (as passenger, I can't drive anymore). My girlfriend tells me not to let it bother me but if this is what I have to put up with for the rest of my life then somebody is going to get badly hurt!

I was coping with being disabled until today!


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