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Hi, my name is caroline48!

caroline48 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi thanks for having me along I have fybromialgia which started 8 years ago first symptoms came along a week after major  surgery .I was fit healthy running 40 miles a week and working full time now I can just make it to my car with 2 sticks on a good day which are rare. I am mostly stuck in the house, I have a positive attitude to life thank goodness and am thankful for the health I had as many people and children dont get to have the 41 years I had of wellness. My condition affects my central nervous system causing chronic daily widespread pain and chronic fatigue where no matter how hard I try I cannot keep my eyes open I suffer severe confusion and memory loss and even wearing clothes and being touched causes severe pain. I manage my condition through a positive attitude ,pacing, mild excercise ,setting small goals and meditation there is no cure for fybromialgia and it is a lifelong condition and it at the moment is not well understood by many. I look forward to being a member of this group and hopefully talking to  other people fybromialgia also doesn't allow you much sleep even when your exhausted through doing little the night hours can be very long 



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