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Hi, my name is janies!

janies Member Posts: 11 Listener
Hi everyone.
So glad I found this group.
Ive had a nightmare situation regarding my claim for PIP.
I am 49 and was diagnosed with bowel cancer in Feb this year, I had been in so much pain for a while and decided to go to my GP as my Father died at 52 from bowel cancer and my brother died last sept from bowel cancer.
Luckily they caught mine at stage 1 however because of complictaions I have a stoma now.I was also dianosed with womb cancer at 42 in 2012 and had a full hysterectomy and went through 5 years until I got the all clear..I have worked fulltime throughout and although I was in constant pain never bothered Drs etc becsuse to be fair I just felt happy that I wasnt terminal.

Anyhow, I had a home visit for a f2f and the assessor kept calling me Darl or love then went on to totally ignore everything I was telling him.
I told him I needed help to get in and out of the bath.
I told him I was in pain constantly.
If I wash up I lean on the sink for support.
I cant dress my lower body without help (bending down to put leggings over my feet).
I dont like wearing a skirt as I cant wear pants as they press into my stoma pouch and cause pain.
I have got into such a depression that my stoma nurse referred me for councilling and therapy eho I see every 2 weeks.
I have stopped leaving the house as I have anxiety and panic attacks I feel like if I go outside cancer will get me I fear open spaces and feel like a field mouse with the hawk circling when im in an open space.
Sometimes I am in so much pain it takes me a while to get out of bed during the night, (I have to drink to stop me from easily dehydrating with having a stoma which is a common problem) by the time I stand up I have wet myself.
Also my stoma bag burstd frequently durimg sleep so my sonhas to help me  have to shower, strip the bedding for me hes only 24 and I feel so bad for him.
I have been prescribed:
 gabapentin for pain.
Losartan for blood pressure.
Anti depressents. For anxiety
Cslcium tablets for hypocalcymia
Immodium for stoma.


My assessment came back snd it was lie after lie..he hadnt even mentioned the panic attacks anxiety or depression.
Should I get more detailed letters as all my phyciatrist, stoma nurse, GP have all said whatever I need they will give me (letters wise).
Is it worth sending them for  mandatory reconcideration.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this very long letter. X



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