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PIP Handbook

sahara01 Member Posts: 31 Connected
According to the PIP handbook (page 35) it states and I quote:
"The claimant will not be sent the form "How your disability affects you" if they meet the criteria for an award under the special rules: instead they or the person claiming on their behalf, will be asked some extra questions whilst they are on the telephone about their condition and how it affects their ability to get around. These questions are:..
Do you need someone else to plan any journey for you that you wish to take?
.Do you have difficulties following the route of a familiar journey? For example do you need,;
Another person with you?
An assistance dog or
Aids, such as a white stick?
Do you have difficulty walking short distances up to 50metres?
Do you have difficulty walking short distances up to 20 metres?"

As I have 30 medical conditions most of which are chronic .and degenerative, am in chronic constant pain all over my body, even when Im not walking and unable to walk up to 20m to an acceptable standard, always pushing through pain, im wondering why I'm even being sent the form 
I wasn't asked those questions when I made my claim! I also fit the criteria do you need another person with you? as due to severe anxiety I normally do!!

I will be calling them tomorrow to find out why.
I'm stressed enough with my op on 16th without all this!! ?
Does anyone know anything about this?



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