Chris Carter Racing with Cerebral Palsy

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I thought this may be a good place to post about my dream to race despite disability!

I am a disabled racing driver and have  spent the last few years working tirelessly to break into motorsport and inspire others to follow in my tracks. You may ask how?

Well, aside from pursing my dream,

I am also laying the foundations for a disabled racing academy which will provide the encouragement and support which others with disabilities may need in order to follow me. My Facebook page has a decent amount of followers, and my posts are regularly reaching hundreds of potential partners, meaning I am starting to becoming recognised as a driver to follow. 

I am racing at Castle Combe and am picking up regular media coverage for my partners. BBC Midlands have featured me, as have a couple of local newspapers, and I’ve also had substantial coverage on social media. Motorsport offers a number of opportunities to businesses and you only need to look at your local club race to see how it’s working for so many brands.

I work hard for local companies and my partners, giving them access to my loyal audience across the web as well as building their brands through regular media coverage. This is often a viable alternative to hiring a dedicated PR organisation and the benefits of this kind of editorial content, far outweigh that of advertising. 

Myself and my partners have also recently been featured in various media/online, take a look at that here:

Kind regards

Christopher Carter