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Possibly just a yes/no answer

Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
edited July 2018 in Cerebral palsy
I am prescribed a great deal of medication but this question relates only to pain relief medication.

I am prescribed on a 4 weekly cycle:
Oramorph 600ml to be taken as and when
Pregablin 125mg every 12 hours
Morphine (MST) 120mg every 12 hours.

Following a failed DWP benefit application the assessor and the DWP both reported that the above is a "low dosage and is not consistent with the level of pain being described".

Can anybody comment on that for me as I dread to think what a moderate dose is never mind a high one.


  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,222 Disability Gamechanger
    edited July 2018
    Either ask your gp or pharmacist if they would describe what your on as low.

    Iv no idea but they’d be the best people to ask
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,845 Connected
    Plenty of info on t’internet about this. Often use it to square what claimants tell me. Your Pregablin dose seems well on the way to the maximum dose of 300 in 24 hours. Ditto the morphine. Not possible to say with Oramorph. So, low dosage? No, doesn’t sound like it.

    Consistent with the pain described? Couldn’t say without hearing your description. 
  • Government_needs_reform
    Government_needs_reform Member Posts: 859 Pioneering
    edited July 2018
    @yadnad Im on 5 lots just for pain management and is classed as high.

    I was on Pregablin 100mg four times a day and they did nothing for me. 
    Also was on the higher Buprenorphine patches but I couldent handle them made me feel worse.

    Amd another 5 drugs for other issues some not on this list but on further info page. I also have to take this lot every 28 days. Act now more like a zombie.
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  • ClaireSaul
    ClaireSaul Member Posts: 92 Pioneering
    Hi @Yadnad,

    This is a difficult one to answer as there aren't any right/wrong answers.  The variations in dosage for different drugs vary massively.  Personally I don't believe that the DWP assessors are in a position to state how an individual's medication equates to their pain as everyone reacts differently to all drugs.  What does your pain mangement team say?

    Your pregabalin is half the maximum daily dose that doctors can prescribe, but this should not be compared to other people as tolerances for this drug vary massively.  I take the max 600mg daily with few side effects, yet have known someone be unable to tolerate 75mg.

    You are taking 240mg daily of slow release morphine - and I presume a breakthrough dose of 40mg oromorph as and when you need it (approx 4 hourly).  The doctor will assess the need for your slow release morphine to be increased based on the number of breakthrough doses you require.

    I am unsure as to your type of pain (acute or chronic? Nerve or soft tissue or muscular? etc) and would assume that it is chronic nerve pain due to the pregabalin.

    I still believe that to suggest that a certain dose is too low or indeed too high for a level of pain being stated is questionable.  It is known now that very high doses of opiates can actually increase the pain.

    In my capacity here, I cannot advise or comment as a health care professional - but personally I would suggest that you discuss this with your GP & pain management team and ask them for help in appealing this decision.

    I hope this helps,

    Best Wishes,
    Claire Saul
    Chronic Pain Advisor
    [email protected]
  • Waylay
    Waylay Member Posts: 971 Pioneering
    People have really different reactions to the same meds, so really hard to say. My assessor said that my diazepam dose (for spasms) was too low to have any effect. It *is* low - I take 2.5mg, and I have trouble staying awake (unless my anxiety is bad). It works for me though. *shrug*


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