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About me and why I may sounda bit harsh!

I had always  been a quiet shy man, who was to proud to ask for help or advice I had a tough upbringing and started working at 16yrs as a doorman in a nightclub in Sth London ,then ended up in West- End. I never looked for trouble preferring to talk.first but I could do it the other way as well. I had 4 kids who I guess,, I was their superman! Just like many other kid,s dad,s.When I became I'll with multi conditions and diabetes type 2, I lost 5 stone, became fatigued, couldn't go our, lived alone no savings no support,vterrible all down to my benefits being stopped wrongly, I guess my kids didn't: like their Super man looking like  a completely  different person! I don' see them or 7 of my grandchildren! I know how DWP decision makers have wrecked my life Imagine how a poor weaker person has been treated? I worry about the weaker, meeker type of person being targeted and easy meat for  sly, uncaring ruthless decietful decision nakers!


  • Gwendoline1
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    Hiya poppawotsy, Up until this year our children never new that I was sexually abused by my father, well who needs or wants to tell their children that. Sadly I was kind of forced into telling them at the beginning of this year ( why is another very long story for another day ). I felt my world was going to fall apart not only for me but for our precious children. I never wanted pity or sympathy off anyone let alone our children. I know I'm very lucky that I have any extremely good man in my husband, I know it's taken its toll on him at times. I think at times as humans we tend to hide or cover up, the moral of me telling you my story is that I'm glad now that I've told my children and that if I'd been told before that I'd have felt like that I'd never have believed it. Maybe open up to them because its ourselves that create the super hero and not our children. They too are adults now, you might be surprised like I was. It's only a suggestion, you sound like a genuine, caring man. The benefit system as taken its toll on me too, I find it so difficult to get my head around the fact that a single person can make a decision that will affect the quality of life I am able to lead. My example being come the winter can we afford to put the heating on in all of our house for most of the day so that it helps my health or put the heating on a part of the day in a part of the house whereby it then as a knock on effect to my health. If this system was fair system that's fine but it's not, I've already mentioned to you that according to the hcp I should have enhanced in both but it's been since the beginning of June that I had my assessment yet I still, like everyone else have to wait till they decide, why give out the hcp score when really it's meaningless. Anyway, thank you for sharing with me and I hope my story as some impact for you, good luck ???
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    Thanks for your kind words; I was totally confused & unable to get my head around why my benefit was stopped! I knew I had always been truthful with them, never tried to  exaggerated my conditions. I was left alone with no money, no food, no gas or electricity from Jan-May I was totally confused, fatigued hand  became to hear bangs, voices and unable too answer door or go out, The DWP did not give a monkeys! I am pursuing a legal channel as due to  their lies and lack of compassion  &:no empathy for other human beingsi, sorry tired, must rest,  post again soon ;
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    To @poppawotsy

    Hmmmm.... despite having very different backgrounds I see more than a few similarities but also some major differences. Odd how such things happen.

    Much like you I suffered at the hands of benefit decision makers unfairly in the opinion of those that know me. Like you also my children stay away most likely for the reasons you suggest so I hardly ever see my 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Unlike you I am completely open and honest especially to my family and in some ways that has caused problems too.

    There is no one answer to any problem because it depends on the background and life experiences of the people involved and all I can suggest is that you be true to yourself, not the person you used to be but the one you are now.

    I know my children hated me telling them that I attempted suicide a number of times but I told them anyway and maybe that is the reason they stay away. I don't think I will ever really know the real reason. At least though, when I put myself into a coma trying, they knew how to deal with it.

    As far as posts and responses go.... Almost everyone here suffers in one way or another and people always try to remember that when reading posts so I don't think you should feel it necessary to excuse yourself. Perhaps as you post more you will be better able to post and respond in a way that you feel you should.

    "I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" - from Wrong side of heaven by Five Finger Death Punch.


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