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My Girlfriend is worried that she might be pregnant, help.

Duwer Member Posts: 1 Listener
I have a question about weather or not my girlfriend could be pregnant.
My girlfriend started taking birth control 2 months ago. She takes her pills correctly every morning between 8 and 10AM. But this months on the second day she took her pill 8 hours late. On the 7th and 8th days of her pill pack, we had unprotected sex. BUT ! I pulled out, and never finished inside her. My girlfriend is worried that she might become pregnant. Is it worth taking Plan B for this, or is she going to be okay and overreacting?
Thank you for your time!!!


  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,222 Disability Gamechanger
    @Duwer, I take it she’s not missed a period? 
    If you maybe take a home pregnancy test and see or contact her GP

    That way you will know for sure 
  • PSHEexpert
    PSHEexpert Member Posts: 170 Pioneering
    Hello! It depends on a couple of things really. If she’s going to go for emergency contraception it needs to be within 3 days for Levonelle or 5 for Ella One, which she can get at any walk in centre or over the counter at the pharmacy. If she wants to do a pregnancy test you need to leave a couple of weeks from the episode of unprotected sex or you risk a false result. Hope that helps! 
    - Gill 


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