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Hi, my name is paulfleming!

paulfleming Member Posts: 6 Listener

im a bit embarrassed about writing this due to my circumstances. but it may help people in the community who need to know about this.

i have a condition , alcohol abuse, which is specifically excluded as a disability in terms of the DWP. i also have a secondary condition, psoraisis which can affect my manual dexterity (it is dependency related the consultant thinks)so i can have difficulty doing stuff. 

this is a long term condition for me. it brings me much shame and stigma.

after help and testimony from my GP, specialist addiction nurse, the local council, RCN (lamplight) i have been awarded PIP daily living component. and placed in LCWRA  on UC. after an appeal which was created when i was on ESA in support group and flung out after an ATOS assessment. The ruling was supported by DWP on previous case law, i had no legal stuff.

i hope i have not offended anyone. but there is hope for folks in this condition.



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