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Food as medicine

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We have been eating the paleo diet for nearly 4 years. Sue has PPMS and was T2 diabetic. We have learnt so much about the micro biome, gut bacteria and leaky gut. I thought 4 years ago Sue would have to go into care, she had lost so much cognition. Today she is as bright as a shining star and her T2 diabetes has gone. 

We tell everyone we meet about our story. We are gluten, dairy, processed food and potato free. We eat very little traditional carbs [Ketogenic] and eat sweet potato, loads of greens, meat but no bread.

We are in The Healthy Living group of U3A [University of the third age] an international group for retired folk. We go lectures at The Food Institute in Norwich. 

It's shocking how much sugar we consume as a nation.  Do try the diet out, we love it, but get it checked by your GP first.


  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Really interesting- thanks for sharing this @Gavel! Are there any websites where those interested could find out more about the diet? 
  • Gavel
    Gavel Member Posts: 15 Connected
    Thousands of sites, but especially try Dr Terry Wahls. She is an MD in USA who has SPMS and was told she would never walk again. She looked at medicine, then at supplements and finally at food as medicine. She now walks everywhere, cycles up to 20 miles a day and lectures about the immune system all over the world. 

    Sue and I have followed her book The Wahls Protocol for 4 years and done a lot of research and we are convinced that the western diet is responsible for many of the conditions we face. Keep in touch.
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Gavel Pleased to meet you. Another of my favourite topics. You are on the right track. I am myself eat the Med diet.  I call it.

    Each country of the Med .Southern Italy, France, Spain and Greece. Plus Turkey . Has this amazing food.

    Lots of fruit, vegetables, pulses, beans and pasta. Grains as well. Plus fish and meat   Nuts..  Including spices and herbs.  Olive oil and I do eat dairy and find eating two meals a day helps.

    I had a number of health problems one was  addiction which I am clean other was my mental heath. Have anxiety and depression.

    Living on this diet helped me and benefited me especially sleep and hopefully some days my mental health.

    No matter what I feel my mental health is improving although recent events some days. Get depressed and anxious. Think a lot about what I eat and do know eating well is important.  Am frugal and eat meat and fish but counter balance with lots of vegetables and pulses.

    I agree with you is sugar. Sugar is in everything but I try to keep my self healthy much as I can.

    Had a diet with my addiction terrible and had too much stodge and too many aspects of it was junk and rubbish . Ballooned my weight up to eighteen stone with alcohol as well.  

    Then found as the addiction got hold from eighteen stone to seven in about year or more. So weak could not walk needed to find something to use and for my well being.

    Found about his by reading and research and well the body changed now a healthy weight. Have no alcohol but always concerned with my diet.

    Also this is easy to do and may I add to cook as well. So I admit. Even now say to any body speak to your Doctor if starting diet changes.

    Of course do have the odd grill or breakfast that is English but it is doing it in moderation not every day. Maybe once a week .  No harm in that.

    Great to meet you 

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