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Mental illness

cripps Member Posts: 412 Pioneering
hi ? there, I’m a very depressed person with anxiety that runs through my veins and every time i read the posts on mental illness i find that there’s a very different view on the subject but if you really really honestly are  one of the people with mental health issues some of the things said will hit the spot, it also seems that if you’re a person that is just having a bad day some of the things said will seem very strange indeed. I’ve been referred to many health teams with many health nurses and every time i speak to these people you get the impression that even  they are look at you very differently. As conversations progress the only sensible ones I have are with people with issues as yourself because they are the only ones knowing where you’re coming from . In this very messed up world we live in it seems the people with mental health issues are the  very sane ones and the so called normal ones are very messed up people indeed. I love my people so let’s leave these NORMAL PEOPLE and find a world to be free. Have a good one and sleep well because we’re all in this together. NC



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