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Hi, my name is distantthunder!

distantthunder Member Posts: 2 Listener
In my experience, 3 out of 20 ladys 2 were broad minded but at around £180 a visit, the figures vs satisfaction are poor. I was hopeing this was a site that had taken the bull by the horns and started a service, but alas we the different with lower money resources will have to do without or get a loan. I was working when i paid for lady's, but 20 lady's over 18 years due to either confidence chiseled away while searching for hours or disappointment when lady's take your money first, but the service is not adapted for people who have no use of sexual organs and the pleasure it brings or the many issues your subscribers have mentioned. So "SCOPE", after reading the concerns of us who miss out on what i deem as normal actions (i can say this as my relationships with woman have been normal, as a woman who wants you will adapt) , I would expect in this age of disabilty firmly in the public eye , that you would step up and start an agency which would be another source of income for your charity work and Only then will it be deemed "Acceptable" for the disabled to have a purpose built site that actually offers a badly needed service, then other chairty organisations will follow suit and this too will just be another thing that we humans aware happens in the world.


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    Hi @distantthunder, and welcome to the community!

    Thank you for sharing this with us. We've had many community discussions around similar issues: this past discussion in particular may be of interest, and to repeat what our advisor @PSHEexpert has said in the past:

    This is a very complex issue that needs to be considered very carefully; it's not something that is appropriate to just be offered as you suggest, precisely because of the legal, ethical and safeguarding issues that are involved.   Private arrangements between consenting adults are one thing, of course, but the sort of provision you're offering would, by necessity, be subject to scrutiny.

    I would suggest that if you are interested in supporting people in their sexual and social lives, you start, as Alex suggests, through supporting an already established, registered organisation, operating under governance and with clear policies and guidelines. These are in place to protect everyone involved and are essential.
  • distantthunder
    distantthunder Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi Pippa,
        Having a reception with a network of ladies who have no issues with disabled clients, that you can check if they are working or can give vital statistics, tattoos, natural/fake parts etc. that would need to updated by the ladies once a month re figures and tan lines (a failing I noticed) and prices they charge for their company only, is not illegal is it?
     A lady coming to your home or inviting you to their home or meeting you at a hotel is not illegal is it?
     What a lady arranges with the client in person and cash that escorts accept is a matter that the reception could make the client aware of, but not advise, only that it may be illegal as per tax, but clients would be advised that escorts take that risk, is the client willing to, if so enjoy.

      So Seeing as you've obviously checked all these issues out, I'm interested if I'm half there. As I find it's always someone else out there in the rare world of take a stand and think outside the safety net that you end up following thinking why didn't we think of that, you know what I'm talking about it happens all the time. 

         Why am I like a dog that won't let go of the same old bone, well try this, I'm paralysed from the bottom of my ribs down since my early 30's, and along with the shattered spine I had a kinky sorry kinked hips leaving me suseptable to sores a nemesis to paralysed and most patience of any type of bed rest need.
     Anyroad, the £250 jay cushion's supplied by the NHS, failed to support almost immediately which did not help with my mental and physical recovery, so I  made my own cushion from coloured chip foam (please if your reading this with similar problems, dont copy my idea unless you have an idea in your head and can get it pressure tested by your wheelchair service before you decide to use it) costing £10, problem solved oh by the way I'm no engineer or designer, I wanted to take charge of this disability I'd been left with like the sportsmen and women I met in wheelchair basketball who blew me away with what they enlightend me to, and they were'nt people you'd get anywhere with waving a rule book at unless on court.
        That cushion by the way was tested by Roehampton hospital with a test result of 45/55, a jay 25/75 the 75% being the area taking all the pressure, 30 years later my design still stands up to the best being tested at Stoke Mandeville, but I doubt they'll discuss it positively with another patient, as it worked for me with my at the time always on the move attitude. NOTE ideal ONLY if you are a pressure lifter.


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