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Virtual Reality VR and pain diversion apps

Nigelrl Member Posts: 31 Courageous
A wee while back I read an article about how VR could help with chronic pain if nothing else just good diversionary. 
So recent birthday I asked for a VR headset, aye real techno me like.
Now I have searched for an app that is stated to help chronic pain but nothing, well unless I spend a wad of cash on a course thingmabob. I have found some good apps purely divertion like but nothing that's designed to act on pain divertion. Am I asking for too much? Help 


  • Weebles1703
    Weebles1703 Member Posts: 11 Courageous
    I found a VR app called Greenpeace VR explorer. It's fairly small but lovely. You get to explore the artic, Amazon rainforest etc
  • Mumof2ds
    Mumof2ds Member Posts: 147 Pioneering
    Our elder son has a VR headset. Some of his apps are brilliant. All on Google play store, some free, some payable. X 
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