Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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I have finally had a date for my Tribunal Hearing.  It is 6th September.  At present I am feeling a mixture of anxiety & happiness because of finally getting a date.  It is late morning so I can go on the bus.  It is in a nearby City but I know the area so that part should not be too stressful but I am going to do a practice run about a week before to check the area & find out exactly where to go.  Just seeing the envelope with Tribunal Services written on the back & opening the letter gave me a minor anxiety attack & my first thoughts were to ring up & say I have changed my mind.  However I put the letter back in its envelope & left it on the table until later when I re read it after doing some calming exercises.  The next few weeks will be hard as I expect them to drag but I am hoping everything will be settled by the end of September.
I have still not heard from the DWP about my ESA claim yet.  I took some advice as to just let my new claim for ESA expire & carry on claiming JSA & the DWP should re instate my original claim.


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    The tribunal might ask you how you travelled to the hearing.  Travelling by public transport on your own could suggest few disability issues.  You might want to reconsider and go by taxi.  Tribunals service will refund your taxi fares, though they will ask you to get two written quotes in advance.
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    I agree with traveling on public transport and it could go against you depending on the reasons for your claim. Are you taking someone with you or going alone? I'd advise taking someone with you if possible, a friend or family member. Even though they won't be able to answer any of the questions they can be there just for moral support.
    Good luck.
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    The Tribunal & DWP already know I can travel on public transport in familiar places on my own.  It says in the information with the letter that Taxi fares will only be paid in special circumstances if there is no suitable public transport or it is difficult for you to use. You have to contact them at least 14 days in advance to discuss it. As there is a bus stop outside & nearby & the route has a bus every few minutes I doubt they would sanction a taxi.  I will have my welfare rights advisor when I get to the court.  I am planning to go a few days before to check the area out and how long it takes to get from the bus stop I plan using to the Court House.
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    Yeah good luck @Annabelle26 !

    Just remember that all the Tribunal want is to ask you some questions and for you to answer them as best you can. If you're not sure, just say so. If you're feeling really fretful or panicked just let them know and take a second - they won't mind.
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