Frustrated by motor insurance (discrimination.)

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Trying hatd today and yesterday, and most of last week. To get insurance for my husband.
He is blind. He ownes a motorbike. And can only get insurance if he pays a huge supplement to keep his bike registered to himself but our son to drive him at any time. 
Or he signs the bike over, to make our son the registered keeper.
my blind husband is being punished, by over paying or losing his bike ownership. 
Is this discrimination? I think so. Hes allowed to be the registered keeper of our motability car! I am so annoyed for him. 


  • atlas46
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    Hi @Droopy1

    Sorry to hear about the insurance problems.

    It does not sound right, in any sense of equality for your husband.

    I would suggest you give RNIB a call, to see what advice they can come up with.

    I take it your son would be the only name rider for the bike?

    I will see if I can find more info for you.

    Keep us informed.
  • atlas46
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    Sorry missed RNIB helpline tel: 0303 123 9999.

    Good luck.
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    Hello @Droopy1 ,

    If your husband has insurance it carries with it the potential for him to ride the bike. Therefore the risk of a claim is above normal. They will then price it accordingly.

    Also if your husband was the user in name only then the insurers would probably not pay out on a claim if they found out.

    Ownership and Registered Keeper are very different things. With a written contract he could keep the title and still have your son as the Keeper.

    It probably could be argued that it is discrimination as it was with the difference between male and female drivers. A massive High Court case would not be advisable though.
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    It is not necessary for the registered keeper of a vehicle to be insured to drive it, nor does the insurance need to be in their name though it should of course always be disclosed if the registered keeper is not the person insuring - our step-son has our previous vehicle on long term loan, it's only insured for him to drive and the insurance is in his name.
    For anyone having difficulties arranging suitable insurance, I would always recommend speaking to one of the better insurance brokers, they will almost always find something suitable.