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Housing makng things worse

Hello Everyone

Im new today and I have a problem that is affecting me quite badly. I have been going through an episode of depression sinice mid last year. I also have anxiety and a little  social anxiety. I have had all the help I could get from my GP surgery inc CBT and it has been very effective. I was nearly out of it but had a relapse. I am not back in standby mode but slowly helping myself back out with some of the skills I learned and a revisit to my GP. Im getting alot of good help.

One of my issues and I didnt realise until a health worker and a few friends realised it is where and how im living. I live in a house share with another tenant, not the homeowner. The landlord claims he lives here but doesnt. Up until I lost my job(while sick) I had always paid with my own money. I have been claiming HB (UC) since early this year. 

My problem is I want out of this. I live with whoever LL picks. I dont feel at all comfortable with the current other sharer. The LL bends the rues cant say no to others demands but wont listen to me. He does not intervene if we have issues with each other and he takes no responsibility for looking after the house. He knows Im extremely clean and tidy and uses me as his live in housekeeper. Cleaning has always helped me mentally you see. But the  LL has given himself rights to be able to walk in to collect his mail or go to his junk room whenever he pleases,..he gives no notice he is appearing. I have no rent book. No proof My piece of paper tenancy is a waste of time. my landlords daughter and GC live nextdoor and is very judgemental she thinks Im lazy and sponging from the government. She has no idea about mh issues. It makes me doubt and turn on myself.

I have very little privacy. Feel observed (the gardens have a 3foot fence at the back.) I have paranoid tendancies so they are triggered. I live with someone that on paper doesnt live here. I dont have a housemate I can even have a cup of tea with. 

I feel kind of bullied and isolated and am not mentally strong enough to deal with this.

Who can I go to for help? The council? 

Thank you for any replies.


  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @hyancinth and thank you very much for taking the time to write this! It sounds like you are in an incredibly difficult situation. I am sorry to hear that your housing situation is causing you to struggle further. Scope don't offer support for housing but Shelter can and are a great organisation. Please do keep us updated and I do hope you can make things more manageable for yourself.

  • Ripples
    Ripples Member Posts: 189 Pioneering
    @hyancinth You can go and chat to your local council, this doesn't unfortunately mean they will automatically register you for housing needs but they will have access to a lot of information which could help you with regards to obtaining housing. If you have a support worker they should also have access to people and or information which will help you.
    Private housing depending where you are can sometimes be  very expensive, each area of the country has a set rate or ceiling they will pay for those on housing benefit or UC equivalent with relation to what you are entitled to as a property. These rates  are  found here  https://lha-direct.voa.gov.uk/search.aspx  
    this will give you an idea of what you are likely to be able to afford.
    If you want to talk to someone else face to face I can suggest CAB ( Citizen's Advice)
  • hyancinth
    hyancinth Member Posts: 17 Courageous
    Hello Ripples and all

    Thank you I have been today. The situation escalated over the weekend leading to a blowout at 4.20 this morning when I was woken from my sleep by a frightening noise. My heart was pounding and I was terrified. I got out of bed to find the other tenant up n carrying on like it was 10am. I had some serious words for 16 minutes. I then waited until his visitor left at 5am to try to resolve the situation and plead further.This is a regular occurrence and nothing is getting done. The LL lies, reneges on every word. Tell us both the same story. Placating us both but never sorting anything out. 

    I have now been awake 16 hrs 20 or so minutes. I have been shaking all day and tearful. I went out and then couldnt return fearful of whats next. Things like this trigger my anxiety and SH ideas.

    The council has a one stop helpline, the lady was nice. She also emailed someone also. I will go another day and use their system to speak etc. 

    Today Im so low I keep crying. Im trying so hard to get back on track. Im looking into training initiatives too maybe 4 wks from now. Im trying to be 'normal' but Im so disrespected and badly thought of around here. When I close that door Id like to have a cup of tea with a housemate that I feel ok with and a LL that isnt a liar who cant be trusted. The nicest thing that has happened to me all day apart from the helpful lady as a couple of young french students asked if I could help them with english coursework. I was so grateful for the distraction and to be able help them, see Im not a horrible person I dont think. 
  • hyancinth
    hyancinth Member Posts: 17 Courageous
    p.s the CAB did not suggest council nor Shelter.
  • Ripples
    Ripples Member Posts: 189 Pioneering
    @hyancinth It's always wise to take advice from more than one source. Council's have often got access to ways they can help with housing.
  • hyancinth
    hyancinth Member Posts: 17 Courageous
    An update to help anyone in future. CAB did not help. They did not see what shelter did and that is that LL has attempted to cheat me out of an AST with the claim he lives here.
    The council came out but apart from shake LL tree by suggesting I get EH in t check house out and might make LL get act together there is very little except social housing.
    I see there is a either black or white no grey. I dont know how people who are in poor health are supposed to fight and at same time find decent housing alone.
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @hyancinth, I am really sorry to hear this! I hope you manage to get further with this very soon- thank you for updating us.

  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,537 Disability Gamechanger
    Social housing waiting lists are extremely long, years in fact and if you're single, without children then your chances are even less.

    My opinion is your only option here is to take a look at the private rental and see what's available in your area. Do you claiming housing benefit? If you do then you're going to be faced with other problems because lots of LL these days won't take on DSS tenants and the ones that will, will ask for a guarantor. Certain areas are worse than others, depending on where in the country you are. Sometimes local councils have lists of LL's that will accept those on housing benefit. Also remember that if you do claim HB and you move to a different local council, if that area is a full universal credit area then you won't be able to claim HB, it will have to be Universal credit. Good luck and I hope you're successful in finding somewhere else to live, it can't be nice living that way.
  • Joannecutler1
    Joannecutler1 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    I have just had my daily visit from crisis, they are looking into a charity or something like this that will help mh sufferers to re locate or move. I will let you all know if 


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