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Fodmap and organic

newborn Member Posts: 741 Pioneering
Does the official organisation  of dieticians have any way to contact n,h,s to ask for an organised system of providing a scheme for people in hospital  to pay and get something to eat?

Many people  try to keep organic where possible,  to eat 'clean' or ethically acceptable.  Many don't like sugar, or gluten,  and a rapidly growing number are attempting fodmap, (often on guidance of nhs dieticians), yet no other part of the nhs seems to believe eating is necessary at all.   Wards get the equivalent  of  pigswill - (high chemical, high sugar, dirt cheap).

Even if desperate hospital patients could offer to pay a thousand pounds a meal,  they would still never be allowed anything to eat.    The peverse attitude is that 'food' must be 'free', with starvation the only alternative. 

Few people retain their muscle fitness, or their weight.  There is no obligatory weighing, on admission and on leaving, and staff merely write 'patient eating well' on charts, to hide the fact people are starving.

   A huge percentage of the population  live alone. Many, especially  older, and or disabled, will be isolated, and not have a team of free servants to run back and forth either to defend them or to bring food.

It seems surprising that professional  dieticians are employed within the nhs, yet appear unable to make inroads on inflexible food policies. Would you have any comment or suggestions,  as an  expert ?


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