How many times can you applie for PIP

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Although i have been placed in a group and claim ESA i failed a PiP assessment as i was given 0 points. this was over 2 /3 yrs ago now i was to ill to get mixed up with tribunals etc so just accepted the decision.I wonder if i may be entitled to try again as ive deteriorated since my failed attempt i expect i would have to go through yet another assessment and wonder if its worth all the stress ! the big worry is if i fail again could it affect my ESA , i know their diferent benefits but i also know how devious DWP are and suspect the departments share your claim details and i cant loose my ESA maybe im am worrying needlesley can anyone help or give me some advice


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    There's no timescale in which you need to wait to start a new claim. Your ESA award is totally different to PIP and a PIP claim won't affect what group you're
    in with ESA. For ESA they can re-assess you at anytime and if you start a claim for PIP and are then sent another ESA50 form it's will be a total coincidence. An ESA50 is sent straight from the assessment providers, a PIP for is sent from DWP, so it's different.

    As for a PIP claim, it's not award based on a diagnosis, it totally depends how your conditions affect you daily. Take a look and complete the PIP self test. Be award though that it's purely a guide to what you could possibly score. Evidence will be needed to support a claim and should be sent with the PIP form when you return it.

    Expect a face 2 face assessment as most people have, it's rare to have a paper based assessment.

    If you do decide to apply then i advise you to get some help with filling the form in because they are quite complex.
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    Thanks Poppy for the advice i will look at the website you gave me a link for.I have only just been re assessed for ESA thankfully i scored enough points to carry on getting it ! i was dreading the decision arriving but at least for now i dont have to worry about appeals etc i hate this benefit system were all constantly on trial and held to ransom by DWP were treated like criminals yet are suppose to be protected by law its just a joke.