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I am not sure if i have autism. can someone help me?

shawtyrat Member Posts: 1 Listener
I have been told by my mother that as a kid she thought i was autistic. i then looked up symptoms and found a lot of the symptoms were ones i felt myself.

for one, i hate loud noises. (i cover my ears when i turn on a shower or a vacuum cleaner. even though i dont like to admit it, i even do it when i flush the toilet.)

I hate being touched. I HATE IT! i was never abused, i have a wonderful family. i do not understand why i hate it so much.

I suffer from anxiety, and have most of my life.

I find it extremely hard to make friends, and i would rather be alone most of the time.

I am extremely stubborn, and often refuse to do things.

I often get confused by basic math, and i find sometimes i can "just not do it".

I have sleep problems, i often oversleep or have trouble sleeping enough.

I often am last to understand jokes or comments. (have a hard time understanding some things)

I have also heard many autistic people have a preference to foods of a certain texture. (what i mean by that is solids or non solids) and as a very young child i would always want to eat solids, not my correct baby food and sometimes i would refuse. (my mother told me this one)

I also played alone a lot as a child.

I have mild difficulty managing my emotions, i often get angry over things that shouldnt make me angry, or sad over things that shouldnt make me sad.

Oh, and if this helps at all. I am 14 years old.

Most if not all of these symptoms i have found may show signs of autism/ASD. I am not going to self diagnose, but i believe having it for me could be possible. I would like to hear from someone with experience, so hope my list helped. sorry if there are not relevant things on there.


  • Suzanne_HFAut54
    Suzanne_HFAut54 Member Posts: 14 Connected
    Go to your GP for a referral or phone up a branch of the National Autistic Society and ask to use their Assist service to be tested. As an Adult you'll probably be interviewed three or four times for an hour to ninety minutes each time. They may ask to speak to your mum or another person close to you for details of your childhood or evidence of how you rekate to others, difficulties they have witnessed.

    Don't get upset of they also identify other conditions like learning disorders. That's quite common for adults who weren't diagnosed as children. I wasn't diagnosed till aged 62 and l found it quite liberating. It explained so much. I could identify traits, likes, dislikes and stop trying to make myself do things in the same way as other people. 

    I do what makes me comfortable. I still challenge myself to try new experiences but dont berate myself if l don't enjoy them. I treat myself to more of the ones l do ! Watch out for a new anxiety app coming out soon called Molehill Mountain. You might find it useful to map out your triggers and get daily tips.

    Good luck. 
  • Debzs
    Debzs Member Posts: 35 Courageous
    As the grandmother to 3beautiful autistic grandchildren, your descriptions of certain traits does sound very familiar,I am very active in my autistic grandkids on a daily basis,it's a broad spectrum for this, maybe Asperger's syndrome Is very close to autism, go to doctor and explain to him and am sure he will refer you to the right people good luck
  • dolllady
    dolllady Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi @shawtyrat
    my son is also 14 and he has many of the symptoms you describe. He is diagnosed with Aspergers. Would your Mum be able to come with you to see a GP as they may want to ask more about your early childhood. Also, she could request a referral for an ADOS assessment. I hope this helps
  • JennJ
    JennJ Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi there, as you are still a child your parents should be helping you, is this something you can discuss with them? To get a diagnosis of ASD you need a health professional such as a GP or a Cahms Councillor . As autistic people are often troubled with anxiety you may want to try a GPS appointment and ask about a referral to Cahms. Your school should also be helping you as you should be able to get extra support if you have ASD. My daughter was only diagnosed with autism very recently at 14, like you she has anxiety..you are not alone and you not a freak, many autistic people are very intelligent and creative people who have added a lot to the world. If you are autistic and you get some support you can have a happy and very normal life  Lots of luck ☺ 
  • JennJ
    JennJ Member Posts: 3 Listener
    BTW Debzs it's now called autistic spectrum disorder. What used to be called Asbergers falls under the spectrum and is not different to autism, it's a form of it. There's many differences in how autism affects people but they are either autistic or they aren't. Your not told you have traits, you have autism. 
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @shawtyrat and a warm welcome to the community! I hope you get the answers that you are looking for. I would definitely recommend going to your GP about this. We are all here for you so please do use the community in the meantime :)  

  • Piglets12
    Piglets12 Member Posts: 17 Connected
    I would see your GP they may glob you of but maybe best to take your mum or family member I late dionosed I was 40 I landed up without the knowing getting stressed.because of the sensory sides. In mean time but some mini ear defenders I still rather avoid use big ear defenders at home or use music through some good eat things when hoovering. Good luck


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