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Feeling let down by the system

webby1212webby1212 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited August 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
Feeling very let down by the system which is supposed to help ,My hubby has had Major back surgery and has been left with very numb foot,leg .
It looks like this is going to be how it is . We have just my wages to live on , no help at all . He has always been in work ,always paid his tax and insurance , we tried for several benefits but have been turned down , I don't get it we are struggling to keep our heads above water and often go without so the bills are paid . I earn 16000.00 a year before tax and stoppages, we have a mortgage that must be paid and poll tax as well as everything else ,why has the system we have paid into all our lives not want to help . My hubby can t walk far but tries his best .He will not go into a job centre which doesn't t help but surely we should be entitled to some help . 


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    As you work then your husband won't be entitled to any means tested benefits. Contributions based ESA is possible if he's paid enough National Insurance contributions from working in the previous 2 tax years.

    There's also PIP which has replaced DLA. This isn't means tested so your income won't affect his claim. PIP isn't about a diagnosis, it's how those conditions affect you daily. There's a PIP self test he can complete to see what he could possibly score, it's only a guide so please remember that. http://www.mybenefitsandwork.co.uk/pip/indexxx.php

    Evidence will be needed to support a claim because they rarely contact anyone for this.

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  • YadnadYadnad Posts: 2,856 Member
    webby1212 said:
    He will not go into a job centre which doesn't t help but surely we should be entitled to some help . 
    To be honest I don't blame him at all. Only once have I ever been in that place and to say the experience was shocking is an understatement.

    Full of druggies, alkies and what ever. The seating everywhere is bolted to the floor and it just felt like I had reached the bottom of the pit.
    Vowed I would never set foot in the place again no matter what.

    Poppy has given some good advice that you should take on board.

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