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What kind of music should I play for an event?

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I’m organizing a social event for a foreign marriage agency, so most of the guests are going to be men and women who are meeting each other for a romantic night out. One of my tasks include hiring some entertainment for the night, so I was thinking of inviting a band or musician to play some music for some dancing. What kind of music should I have them play? I want it to be appropriate for the event, but I’m not quite sure what genre is the best option.


  • fishingmum
    fishingmum Member Posts: 562 Pioneering
    I would find out where the people are from originally, then research popular music in the country for the age group. If it is a mix of different countries, then take their age group, find out what was popular for them from late teens to 30's and mix with some modern music. It really depends on the ease you can find a band to cover the right kind of genre, or style which may be harder than you think.

    1/Find out where they are from, 2/Find out average age group 3/ Find out if dancing together is appropriate for first time meeting 4/ consider other options of entertainment if it is not appropriate.

    Other ideas could involve a magic show, a short comedy play, a silohette puppet show performance (shadow dancers??) It also depends on where you are holding this event if it will be indoors, or will there be an accesible outdoors area, maybe someone doing fire eating and a few people juggling as a different sort of entertainment.

    There are lots of possibilities, but first things first find out exactly who you are trying to entertain.
    Hope it is a great success.
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