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Did any one else find that the assessors blantly lied & changed facts & missed important information out!


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,390 Disability Gamechanger

    Yes, this often happens. They also tell the truth too but we don't often hear the good stories. If you've been found fit for work or had a decision you're not happy with then the MR request is your next step.
  • debkenzo
    debkenzo Member Posts: 110 Pioneering
    Hi Adamski

    Yes, sadly it is extremely common about these assessors, lying, contradicting, changing facts, missing important information etc etc.  and yes, they do sometimes tell the truth but it is the lies that is upsetting so many people and turning their lives upside down.  It is the lies they say that is destroying peoples' faith in the system.  If the truth were to be told all of the time then there would be no need for the thousands of people that need the help on such sites as Scope which has been a life saver for many people.  The truth Should be told All of the Time!!!  
  • Paddock59
    Paddock59 Member Posts: 26 Connected
    Yes I had it at my assessment. When I recived the paper work on what they based there dession on it was flabbergasted so many lies and twisted words. The trouble is have had is my Mr was based on her assessment so was my tribunal court appart from quite a few questions regarding my holidays. They did increase points from 0 to 15 but from 2 discriptors so no asked for statement of reason just recived that good job I've got cab involved as I don't understand the statement to many clauses in it. Can't they see how much we struggle at these f2f.
  • tina_123
    tina_123 Member Posts: 27 Connected
    Hi, Yes, many facts changed and information missed and words put in my mouth that I didn't say to stop my ESA. Now on UC and appealing the decision. Would love to know how these people sleep at night doing what they do.
  • axwy62
    axwy62 Member Posts: 140 Pioneering
    Even when my assessment was recorded, the assessor put down things that didn't happen and omitted things that were said, e,g, when I was asked what I thought caused my digestive issues I responded that it was a widely recognised feature of my condition, Ehlers Danlos, complicated by scarring and adhesions from repeated surgeries to try to correct it. She recorded that it was due to depression. She also thought I would have fully recovered within 2 years. I suspect she'd never heard of Ehlers Danlos and couldn't be bothered to find out anything about it.
    For anyone who hasn't heard of it, it's genetic, I've therefore had it for over 50 years and it isn't going to magically vanish.
  • lainey
    lainey Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I was awarded pip due to a crushed fracture in my spine and suffer with bending and periods of long standing and walking and heavy lifting. then when I went for esa assessment I was awarded zero points as the assessor didn't fully understand my problems. At the time of my pip assessment they did not take my mental health into consideration.And on the Esas report they said because i had not commited suicide in the last 8years i was unlikely to do it again which she asked me if i was planning on action as I told her I'd had thoughts which id replied not at the moment little things was twisted and not what I had said in my answers.I have worked since I left school and returned into work as soon as I could hobble.I was not notified I could get any help and became very much reliant on tramadol after weaning myself of morphine
    I made myself I'll as I was overmedicating I also strained all the muscles in my chest and after another mri scan was found that my spine was detererorating further which i rang esa to be told no you do not qualify and i was told i could use a mobile phone so I could answer phones. which I need to ring for transport and I have been suffering panic attacks more lately .I had to claim jsa as left with no help or choice I'm now with health n wellbeing which as yet cannot see how I can apply for jobs when I'm unfit yes its ok having an adapted chair but after a bad wracking of pain it tires me out. My doctors change every time I go , my medication  still trying to be dealt with so my physical and mental state clashing and I'm told counselling will help. I'd already had some before christmas it helped a little but a week after I was back feeling the same way.My doctor has given me sicknotes deeming me unfit which I have dating right back when I had to come out of work I showed the job centre and they do nothing as you are only allowed to be sick on jsa for 13 weeks of the year .I also have sleep apnea and chronic pains in my legs which my docter thinks is arthritus so sitting and standing any lengthy time becomes unbearable .I am not work shy I am not trying to get out of working I loved my job but my disabilities affect me every day my pain shifts up and down my body .I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a lot of years which I have medical evidence to back me up and I was with an employer who understood, but because of an accident  that caused my disability it was hazardous to continue and and my job was office and warehouse combined there would be periods throughout my medical history where this is shown .I feel like I do not know which is the best way to turn as I've only just found this site .But I do feel like authority figures do not listen as they are just trying to get rid of you.I do live alone and I dread going out I have to organise days in advance and find some days I can't move .I know work pays but everyday living in fear  .I am sorry for the rant as I know this is not the way to live and I have come along way but another fear is going into work and damaging myself further and going through a benefit system that does not make sense all over again .I've also been told universal credit is being rolled out at my job centre from November which I have to sign upstairs with limited capabilities so chances are if this happens I could also lose my home it's just been constant and any advice would be appreciated sorry so long 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,390 Disability Gamechanger

    I'm assuming you were found fit for work after your ESA assessment? when was this decision made and have you or did you ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) then Tribunal if that failed? If you didn't is there any reasons why you didn't ask for these?


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