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Can anyone advise me on my pain?

Lj200020 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello can any advise me on my pain as I really am at the end of my rope. I have nerve damage in my legs, I have constant restlessness to the point i can't keep my arms legs still and I pace back an forth. The doctor prescribed medication for this after and it made me manic I could sleep or keep still and I was vomiting it stoped the burning in my feet and legs. After about 2 months of not sleeping it turns out the doctor had prescribed  me 5+ the amount I stopped taken it suffered from fits constantly all night banging my head all the time, I fell down the stairs also.   Now I have burning in my legs and the doctor has 're prescribed the premipexil dopamine antagonist at a tiny dose although they help for a short while I am back to square one. I am driving around.everywhere spending money I don't have, I am looking my son because of this an no one seems to give two hoots. If I am not driving all over the place I am in the bath for hours just like I am now at 3.43am is this all worth it....


  • Liam_Alumni
    Liam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,105 Pioneering
    Hi @Lj200020,

    Welcome to Scope's online community! It's great to have you here.

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've been having. It sounds like a really tough time for you.

    I've moved this into our dedicated Dealing with Chronic Pain category, where other members of our community can offer their advice and support.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions then please do get in touch!
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Lj200020 I am really sorry to hear this, how are you doing today?

  • NCL
    NCL Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Hi @Lj200020 You sound really desperate. Sorry for tough times. 
    Have you asked to be referred to a pain clinic? That might give you some strategies for dealing with the pain. 
    If you are not getting the help you need from your GP/hospital, you could also try taking along a friend or family member to back you up or explain for you (I find it really difficult to be assertive when I'm in a lot of pain, especially when I'v e not had much sleep). Or try getting a second opinion to get better help. 
    If you have a named condition, there is probably a group of people available online and it can be really helpful, I think, to read what your condition community writes. It has made me feel much more normal and less isolated to know that the problems I face are faced by other people too, and they have ideas and strategies for getting help and managing. 
    Please don't be discouraged by the way life is at the moment. Remember better times and have faith that you'll get back there. Don't let it all grind you down - notice all the things you do in spite of this pain and distress, and notice how strong you are. You are going through a really tough time and you need to be kind to you (especially if you're not getting much help from your medics). I hope things improve soon. 


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