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Driving lessons

cutecupcakes Member Posts: 1 Listener
I live in Yorkshire. I've had 5 driving lessons. My instructor says I'm doing really well and I get on really well with him. My aunt (who I live with) thinks I'm badly behaved and has cancelled 3 driving lessons so far. My instructor has admitted that he's an impatient guy. He told my aunt that when she ready to let me drive again, she should probably try and find another instructor. He is going on a long holiday soon, might it be because of that? I can't text him at the moment and I'm worried that he blocked me, but he was really nice across Whatsapp. Is it due to me that he's cancelled? Is it my aunt? 


  • Androgen
    Androgen Member Posts: 69 Connected
    I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'd just suggest looking for specialist driving instructors instead. There are people who specifically teach autistic people, people with learning disabilities, extra needs, or nervous drivers
    They'll be more patiendt and probably able to help you more if they have experience
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,390 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @cutecupcakes   Sorry what you have been going through.

    You have been given good advice and make sure the company is aware of your disabilities.  There are specific companies who can help and assist you. Have patience and tolerance.

    Understand for me a long time ago. Then the instructor I had was pressuring to drive all the time. All about his time and money.  Need to use an automatic car and he was not appreciative of the issues.  After that had a few more who were self employed and went to pieces all the time.

    Look on line . Be sure you are comfortable and relaxed with the instructor.

    I went with BSM that was years and years ago, yet they were pleasant compatible and even then whole lot of patience.  Still was nervous, got great with the guy and have still fond memories of doing something that meant a lot to me.

    I passed first time, after 20 lessons plus a few more.  Like night time driving and motorways.

    Best wishes to you and hope you are successful.  If they offer you night time and motorway lessons take them up.

    All useful to know.

    Take care

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