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PIP tribunal not receiving a response from DWP?

ruhiruhi Member Posts: 11 Listener
edited September 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
i received a letter frm  tribunal saying tht they have not received any response frm dwp abt my case so the letter says thy have reminded dwp of it duties under rule 2. so is this good for me or   and they asked me to send all the copies which i received frm dwp


  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @ruhi, thank you for coming to the community about this. I am unsure what to advise at the moment. Although I would definitely send them all the copies which they have asked for.

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,626 Disability Gamechanger
    If this is a first tier tribunal then this basically means that HMCTS have asked DWP to put together an appeal bundle (which is routine for every appeal) abd they’ve not done it. They’re asking you for what you have in order that they (HMCTS) can see what is available and whether it might be possible to list the appeal without an official bundle. If you have a copy of your claim pack, your evidence, the HCP report, your MR request, the appeal letter abd all the carries decisionn letters then you’re good to go and a DWP submission (their argument) is neither here nor there. Odds on you won’t have kept all of those though. 

    It is possible to argue for the appeal to be listed minus any missing evidence but there’s no way you can be advised on a forum as to whether that’s a good or a bad idea. You’ll always need face to face advice for that as every case will vary.

    Now, having said that, in the past this was very rare. I’ve forced some to go ahead and mysteriously DWP found the time to produce something. More recently though the pattern is that DWP have in fact produced the appeal papers; have indeed sent them to HMCTS but the latter are so administratively behind/incompetent they will convince themselves they’ve not had anything. 

    Best bet would be to check with DWP appeals when they sent it. Please bear in mind that DWP appeals do not operate a call centre and are not outsourced. You will not get this answer from 1 call. You will need to persist. You’ll need to speak to someone in the appeals team and, if they can in fact confirm a date it was sent, don’t ask them to re-send just lodge a formal complaint and ask them to go find it.
  • doofadoofa Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I sent my appeal of after mandatory reconsideration refused it was posted 2 weeks ago I rang appeal centre today and they day they haven't received it dont know who to phone or what to do
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,257 Disability Gamechanger
    Ring the tribunal clerk again and ask if you should resubmit your request
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