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Sacroiliitis damage.

justJohn Member Posts: 17 Connected
Hi Clair ,I have just had some results back from a MRI scan on lumber spine. Scan confirms , acute on chronic bilateral inflammatory sacroiliitis with further changes in the spine at D11, D6 . I know I sounds crazy but I feel such a weight off , I got  so much more as in bad bad pain legs feet arms so on . It is like now I know why half my back goes numb if I try do garden , even just five min . I got the nerve damage in my legs left arm . Sacroiliitis I can not even say it why do they insist in using Latin when we find it so hard to say . It's just last few days since I read doctors report I feel so much better in mysrelf , I can work it out see why I get pain when sit in a.chair or hold my computer in a way it hurts . Can anyone please say how I may work with it or live with it , i know it is only going get worst but maybe if I swim do excersize to give my right sacroiliac joint strength . I got a doctor appointment soon my medication was gabapentlin 900 ml x3 per day . They are good just not for me . I now on pregabalin , but are they best for me . Anyadvice I thank you for . Is sacroiliitis joint same as sacroiliac . I just wish they had given me a lumber MRI scan way back . I think with orthopaedic clinic and telling me how to sit or stand I may of managed it much better , or not I don't know . Anyway that's me in a nut shell . Any help please and thank you , John 


  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,545 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @justJohn and thank you for taking the time to share this with us all. I can imagine that it is a weight lifted!

  • tesco47
    tesco47 Member Posts: 16 Courageous
    Hi @justJohn how long after your scan did you get results, as I had mine on 3rd August and still waiting, I am suffering the same symptoms as you but with added complication of spastic cerebral palsy. 
  • tesco47
    tesco47 Member Posts: 16 Courageous
    Well after waiting 5 weeks for results , disc degeneration lower 3 disks plus disc protrusion l5 s1 , facet joint changes, like @justjohn said kind of explains a lot, just got to wait for appointment for spine specialist. 
  • justJohn
    justJohn Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Hi tesco47 I feel real bad . You asked me how long I waited for my letter , results . I did write back to you I real not sure where it's gone I just thought it would drop in around here . I do hope you got my reply to you . Are you going see a physio , I am real thinking the changes on my spine D11,D5 can improve if I walk better or at least stop further spine injury well I Hope so. Welll tesco47 good name , good luck with all you have going on I hope you get all the help you need .john 


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