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Hi, my name is PeterThePirate!


  • Ami2301Ami2301 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,733 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @PeterThePirate
    Welcome to the community! Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself? :)
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  • PeterThePiratePeterThePirate Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hello ami2301 first of all my name is Peter and I'm 37 years old,a few years ago me and my wife was in a terrible car crash. Sadly my wife didn't make it and I lost my leg and 4 of my fingers. After years of counciling, suicide attempts and rehab. I have finally found peace in this world. I've come to help people to show them no matter how hard things get. There is always goodness in the world! 

    Thank you
    Arrrh me hearties!

    P.s the pirate is a joke I've created for my amusement lol!
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @PeterThePirate   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for your story and sharing. Glad your here. Like your positivity. Sorry what has happened in your life.

    Peace and solace if I can.  Be supportive, show kindness and with sensitivity. All of us no matter who we are in the community.

    Have a story to tell no matter how tragic and difficult it may be to cope and deal with.

    Memories will linger and always be there.

    Sometimes we need to try to help others and show the warm compassion and empathy to others.

    We need to try to be as one.. Against all the outside world . Who wish to cause us so much damage and harm. Hurting constantly.

    Struggle and strive with a prayer. I try to send sunshine down the line.  Every day if I can.

    Just let you know been to rehab myself hope I can help and support . If you need it.  Been clean eleven years and always following a fellow brother or sister .

    Pleasure to meet you

    Take care

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    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
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    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • Ami2301Ami2301 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,733 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi Peter,
    I am so sorry about your wife. You, sir, are an inspiration! I can tell you are a bit of a joker! Looking forward to getting to know you more :)
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • JazzguitarJazzguitar Member Posts: 180 Courageous
    Welcome Peter. This is a good seriuos place. Neville
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @PeterThePirate and welcome to the community! I ma sorry to hear about your wife and the things you have been through recently. I hope you can gain support from the community and please let me know if there is anything that I can do!

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