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Hi guys pretty pls could you help me with something.

So i applied for an MR of my pip decision after they awarded me with zero points and the assessor lied. After 2 weeks it turned out they lost it/didnt see it. Anyway 2 weeks later i got my MR back and it was a word for word copy and paste or the original letter (i sent in a sack load of new evidence). I rang up and was past to a DM who appologised so much and said it seemed it was looked at without the new evidence being considered and it would be looked at again and she was sorry for this.

Fast forward 2 weeks later to day and i have my new MR result in the post. It is an exact copy and paste as the last one and of the original result. Clearly the evidence has still not been looked at. Not only that but the DM was the same one for both MRs. Can they do that? I thought it had to be a new one? Obviously a DM isnt going to change his own decision.

Anyway furious i rang them up and said i am going to tribunal right away and that i want to complain about the whole handling of the MR for the whole process and about the DM directly. Twice he managed not to looked at the evidence. I might have also called him an idiot lol... well he is! Even the call handler was confused as all my new evidence is really good.

Anyway as i wanted to complain a manager is calling me back tomorrow (well speaking to my sister as i cant hear well). I just want all the facts before she speaks to them. Should it have been a new DM to carry out the second MR after the first one ballsed up?

Thank you :)


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    Not necessarily so. Can you be sure the same decision maker was involved in both MR's? May I suggest this. If you are dissatisfied with the discussion with the manager tomorrow, just inform him politely that you will be writing to the Secretary of State for Works and Pensions with a formal complaint  Get names, time and date of the call. You can say you will contact your MP but they will not take much notice of that threat  MP's are an irritation that needs to be scratched, nothing more. Good luck tomorrow  
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    Hi @Peasmold_01

    Yeah it was definately the same guy as his name is on noth MR letters. When i rang the call hadler as good as said it wasnt really looked at well. He basically said the notes on the system said he wasnt making any change to his 1st decision. I didnt even get the 2 copies of the MR. He really wasnt bothered clearly. It is all well and good saying your not bothering to over turn your decision but i have already been told the first one was done without the evidence... so it wasnt really looked at again was it lol.

    I shall say i am complaining to them directly as you said. That is a good one thank you ? i am just so annoyed that the lost it then let the same guy look at it twice and not bother to look at the evidence.. twice! I will see what the manager says tomorrow.

    Thank you