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Would i be entitled to pip?

JadeNobleJadeNoble Member Posts: 10 Listener
Hi everyone my names jade imm 22 years old and for 8 years i have had an ongoing shoulder/neck issue as i injured it whilst still at school as i turned suddenly and heard something pop/tear and its never being right since and has only gotten worse. I have been sent to everyspecialist and had every treatment option offered via my gps/pain clinic a few include various types of physiothereapy, steriod injections, trigger point injections and accupuncture ive also had an mri scan and xrays and the only thing that showed up was on the mri was that the top of my neck where it should be straight mine has began to have a curve from the muscle spasms. Also in the begining of 2017 i started with numbness and tingling in my toes/feet and ive been diagnosed with nerve damge i am currently on medication that controls the pain and discomfort to a degree but some days are worse than others,(Ive had nerve tests done at the hospital confirming the nerves are not working correctly) making it hard for me to stand for extended periods of time and makes wearing shoes/socks extreamley uncomfortable,but know one knows how or why ive got the nerve damage as i have not injured my feet/toes but some doctors think it may be linked to my shoulder/neck issues as i know have more problems within my back because of the problems going on for so long the rest of my back is compensating for my left side being in constant pain despite trying various medications as well as the other treatments. What im struggling with at the moment is i have always worked in retail but now those jobs are making my conditions worse through all the manual lifting/strain so i have not worked since last year making it the longest ive ever being without a job and im struggling finacially as i currently care for my disabled mother so get careres allowance every week and support allowance every 2 weeks but this isnt eough to life on and only just covers my bills and im currently having to privatley pay for chiropractic care as this is not available on the nhs and seems to be the only thing ive found that eases the pain/discomfort even if its only for a few days, so i want some advice on if i would qualify for pip as in my mind i am practically disabled as i cant work and have an ongoing condition?
Any advice would be much apprectiated 


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