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Golfer with one leg forced to 'prove' his impairment

Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,674 Disability Gamechanger
I read this story today about a golfer who was refused access to a golf course using his mobility scooter without a doctors note to prove his impairment, despite the fact he has one leg. He has sued the council for discrimination.

Have you ever faced discrimination? What do you think about this? How can we change perceptions and face up to people who may be deemed a Jobsworth?
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  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,452 Disability Gamechanger
    I had to laugh when I read this, you need a doctors note to prove something that is visually obvious, will those who use sign language be asking for all signs to be in sign language format? 
  • Markmywords
    Markmywords Member Posts: 419 Pioneering
    The news coverage says that it was established council policy to ban scooters. The public sector is very hierarchical and I doubt it was down to one single jobsworth.
    Proper golf carts are commonplace and it could be argued that they should already have one for the disabled.
    Given that this policy breaks the "reasonable adjustment" part of the law and requires the disabled to do something that the non-disabled don't, the council has no defence to this.
    The council has declined to comment until the outcome of the case. This is surprising as it is not a criminal case. Not doubt they are already drafting the "lessons have been learned" statement.

    That is if everything that has been said is true.
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Sam_Scope   Thanks for raising awareness of these issues in our community.

    Like your new photo by the way . Hope you are OK.  Good to hear from you.

    Thought I would say about my work experiences. Having to go the torment of not allowing me to use staff toilets. In many offices I have worked.

    Usually either factories or other small units. Several times have to use the ones for the production staff.

    Which meant had to go down three flights of stairs.  Use a lift forget it.

    Experienced this first time when I was doing these Government schemes in the early eighties.

    The problem was the staff mainly certain members who never had met any one like myself before.

    Also worse was the attitude and demeanour of them all.

    Reasons were the main one were make a mess, cause problems, you need some one to help you.  After wards being sensitive, here.

    Then the audacity of a Factory owner not paying money for disabled toilets, carparking and anything else. To do with disability.

    Bring a large board with you for the stairs then use your wheelchair to go over it into the office he smirked to me.  I do not have to use or need a wheelchair I hollered.

    I am not having you walk around here you have issues standing and walking he shouted at me, first day.  Asked for a special phone as could not hear. Constantly met these barriers.

    The office staff pure white and having no idea about me.

    By lunchtime home and the chagrin of parents . Then jobcentre trying to do their best to get over .  The employment of disabled members of society.

    Come another company by the early 1990's with The Disability Discrimination Act.  Nothing changed.  Still got discrimination constantly especially the amount of time wasted.

    Interviews for jobs, got the experience, the knowledge. everything you need. These were companies that have the sticker Positive for the disabled.  Did they do that right of course not.

    Always said could and should have had a lawyer present every time

    Main issues were also this. Have to do a test of Maths, English before the interview. Why to see what you can do. Got my CV.  Laughing at me.  Made that up .No it is true.

    Do test ask for results you failed they smirked.  Can I see no you can not. When I am having my interview, not having one you failed test.

    So I approached jobcentre.  Whose did not wish to get involved. Then it became a normality to get past the test. I know I had passed but that was becoming a feeble excuse to me.

    So it went on. Mind you wish some of these jobsworth people were to walk a mile in my shoes.

    How can we change peoples perceptions of us. I think the only way is for them . One day being a member of our community.

    Remember two things can not change being and growing older. As with that comes disability. Could start with simple changes to the body. Hearing, eye sight grows weaker as grow older. Problems with joints, muscles, walking need I say more.

    Add to that current legislation needs to be more awareness. All to my opinion confusing and complex.

    We going to end up like America have the right to sue for everything that causes us discrimination.  I would like to say so because it bring the people of this community to the attention.  

    Of the those who control and domineer us in this country The Governments and powers of those who cause us much harm.

    Unfortunately my one concern is those who see us as a big pay check. The companies that specialise in discrimination .


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