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Hi I am not certain this is tge correct site but I am so in need of advice I thought I would try.
Last year I had a hip replacement (age 63). It was a disaster from the start. I have had to reduce my work hours ad as a volunteer have had to stop. Can I get any help with travel expenses, I have to get taxis, public transport when available, wherever I need to go. I have put off thinking about this but I am getting more in need of support. Thanks


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    Hello @lindaemills   Pleased to meet you welcome.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    You can get when you were volunteering travel expenses. You have to ask for it. Most volunteering organisations do offer but you have to produce, receipts, tickets.

    Always asked every time. If they do not then . Say why just a suggestion. Most organisations want volunteers.

    You would need to produce above evidence. Write it down on a expenses sheet.  Then they will refund you the expenses.

    As for ordinary expenses. To pay for transport and taxis.  
    Consider speaking to your council they often have a range of transport solutions to offer you.  All depends if the cuts have effected them.

    Ask them. Do know our local council issues a booklet with a range of services and on the website.  Have a look at your own council website. Could be useful.

    Also consider a bus pass as you might qualify.

    Wanted to add we are a friendly community.  Supportive, care and share.

    Plenty of information and advice.

    Pleasure to help you.

    Take care

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    Hi Lindaemills welcome to the community ?
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    Hi @lindaemills
    Welcome to the community'! @thespiceman has given some great tips! Please let us know if we can do anything else to help! :)
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    Hi @lindaemills and welcome to the community! You may find the disabled motoring board useful :)