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My Tribunal success without an oral hearing

Fight4Justice Member Posts: 63 Courageous
edited September 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
My oral tribunal appeal hearing was meant to be for this afternoon, but I received a call (about 1 hr ago now) from the Tribunal services clerk telling me the panel had awarded me enhanced daily living, and standard mobility rates based on my appeal papers. They also told me I had been awarded it for 5 years as opposed to the 2 years I received last time. I'm hoping this will see me through the remainder of this rotten government's time in power. I'm just so happy this nightmare is finally over. I believe the DWP have up to a month to appeal this decision by the tribunal? But I hope they won't of course.

This is a discussion I posted of my PIP Reassessment experience back in Feb for context:

My advice to anyone going through the Tribunal appeals process is to be detailed and specific on what you're appealing against. For every descriptor I felt was wrong, I gave multiple real life examples from my own experiences, detailing why I was unable to do that descriptor safely without help. I think it also helps to reference the exact pages numbers from the big bundle pack they send you, whenever possible, if there's key parts you want the tribunal panellists to consider. In my case, I think this might have helped the panel go straight to the relevant parts of my case I was disputing, without having to read through all 300+ pages of my entire case history.

Finally, even though I won my tribunal without having to attend the hearing in person. I would still choose to attend an oral hearing in the future. As I believe the success rates are dramatically higher if you attend in person. I think I may have also just gotten lucky by getting good trio of tribunal panellists.

I wish everyone good luck and success in their own PIP Experiences. Don't give up!



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