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Moyra Hill

Paddie Community member Posts: 75 Courageous
Dear all, 
hope everyone is coping ok?!

I'm struggling beyond belief. 
Apart from my "physicall" health my mood is desperately low & I'm very frightened.

My stepson, his wife & my grandson, are arriving Thursday for a long w'end.
im absolutely dreading it.
That is not like me at all.... my mood is awful & my anxiety levels are off the radar.

 I don't want to be here.... at all & I just don't know what to do.

I am seeing my GP Thursday pm, can I ask him to put me into hospital?
I don't feel "safe" & I am worried that I will do something stupid!

The antidepressant I am taken has been doubled & I know it doesn't work overnight.

 I have never, ever,  felt this low for so long.

 I would be so very grateful ( as I am already with everyone's support) if anyone could help me....please?

fond regards 



  • PaulSalter
    PaulSalter Community member Posts: 10 Connected
    Hi Paddie. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time at the mo. I do understand. Please go to your gp appointment on Thursday but put pen to paper and right down your feelings and what you want to tell your doc. Above all be honest and say it as it is. I'm sure you'll get the help you need. Keep talking and don't hold it in buddy. You've done the right thing, a great thing writing this post. Good luck chap
  • Paddie
    Paddie Community member Posts: 75 Courageous
    Thank you so much Paulsalter. I truly appreciate your words...
    I will, put my "feelings" on paper.....
    why is life so awful at times????
    I know, there are people, much worse than me, but when your " in it" it's so difficult to see.....
    ps... no worries but I'm a female..... 
    Paddie was the name of my favourite Car ?!!
    Thank you again, it means a lot.
  • susan48
    susan48 Community member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    @Paddie, I hope your ok. I’d say if your feeling so bad then try to get an emergency appointment with your doctor today. 
    The advise you got to write things down is great, I do this every time I see my gp. I recently say a psychiatrist and had a list of how I feel because I forgot and get so anxious I get confused. This helped me and the psychiatrist. 
    I had had my antidepressants doubled , was on the maximum dose but they didn’t help. Now in getting weaned off them slowly, this will take several months, my medication is getting changed. That in itself is scary, but I understand it has to happen.

    Life can be extremely difficult and everyday can be a struggle but please don’t stop trying, you will mean so much to so many people.

    Take care
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