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Hi, my name is Fridaymunchkin!

Hi all, just joined the group. I was just wondering if anyone who has been on e.s.a. In the support group has been to a tribunal because a face to face gave the zero points and after winning the tribunal has then been placed in the wrag group. No way can I cope with this due to my mental health and now fibromialgia being diagnosed in 2017, I am going to appeal to the upper tribunal after receiving reasons to why my exceptional circumstances on the count of section 35 was not applied to me. A professional technical writer did my exceptional circumstances statement for me based on my illnesses as section 35 was pushed aside. So stressed, anxious and depressed as I thought I would be back in th support group. I have also recently applied for pip and got the standard rate, I hadn't applied for pip before and so pleased but then got hit with being put in support group for ESA. 




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